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What console generation did you start on?

1st: Magnovox Odessy / Coleco Telstar 7 2.97%
2nd: Atari 2600 / Magnav... 31 13.14%
3rd: NES/ SG1000 / Atari 7800 65 27.54%
4th: Super NES / SEGA Genesis 50 21.19%
5th: Atari Jaguar / Sega ... 58 24.58%
6th: SEGA Dreamcast / PS2 / GameCube / Xbox 16 6.78%
7th: Xbox 360 / PS3 / Wii 8 3.39%
Or are you brand new to g... 0 0.00%

I'm from the NES era. But I wasn't really into video games until my daddy bought me a PlayStation One.

Thanks dad.

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I'm from the 3rd generation, starting with the NES. And then, Mega Drive (Genesis) and Super Nintendo. Great memories.

I started with a NES that my parents bought... but I never played it xD. My mother would usually use it to relieve stress. I skiped the SNES generation and started seriously with a Playstation 1 :)

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Whatever the Amstrad CPC 6128 falls under which I believe is the third gen.


4th gen.
Started with the SNES in 1994.

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Fourth generation here

My first home console was a PlayStation, but I had a GameBoy way before that. So I don't know.

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Started with the 2600 and went from there.

SNES with Donkey Kong Country

The rest is history.

The 1st system that was for me and my siblings was the N64 but my parents had a Genesis and I played that a good bit before we got the N64.

I consider myself starting with the Genesis gen.