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                Yup. Yet another Nintendo thread. In this one I will discuss ways that Nintendo can sell their Wii U games so  much that they can make good profit. Let's start.
                Before I begin talking about individual games, I will name some  ways Ninty can sell the games that can apply to all of them.
                            1. Have tons of TV ads: Pretty self explanatory. They need to have tons of ads everywhere. America, Europe, Japan, EVERYWHERE. The last TV ad I saw here was for Lego City Undercover. One or two. That's it. This is bad. We need more.

                            2. Don't have shortage of supplies : Most famous examples are Xenoblade, Fire Emblem Awakening, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate and Lego City Undercover. With Xenoblade, it was expected to bomb, but not because it would sell badly, but because there weren't enough copies. Same  can be said about Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. Fire Emblem Awakening and Lego City Undercover  are still selling though.

                            3. Have tons of posters around the cities: The Last of US besides being a hyped game, it also did well because there were tons of posters around America and Europe( and TV adverts). TONS.  Imagine having a whole wall full of Sonic Lost World posters..

                            4. Advertise games in different ways: Reggie keeps visiting Jimmy Fallon and some Wii U games get exposure. Good. Don't feature only 2 games though. I think there should a whole week with Fallon where Regie comes and showcases 2-3 Wii U games each time. That would be dope. A good example is Luigi Mansion Dark Moon.  There was a football match during Easter and a Luigi Mansion Dark Moon advert aired during that time.

                            5. Have some kind of ads on the Wii U: I don't want the Wii U to be some  AdBox 360, but take Nintendo Land for example. There is a Pikmin mini game in Nintendo Land that people seemed to enjoy. A good portion of them being newcomers  to the series. What if they don't know that Pikmin 3 is coming?  Why not have some kind of ad the day Pikmin  3 comes out in the respective region or a day before/after?
                             What if some Wii U usersknow about  Sonic, but don't follow him a lot like the hardcore fans do? Have an ad with Sonic Lost World the day it comes out.

                             Now that I go that out of the way, let's talk specific games.

                           1. Pikmin 3- What I am about to say it's inspired by Miyamoto's idea to air Pikmin shorts on the 3DS. Why not air Pikmin shorts on a cartoon channel ( or multiple)? Have an ad showing Pikmin 3 before and after the Pikmin short.  This should happen in America, Japan and mostly Europe because according to VgChartz  Pikmin's sales are weaker in Europe than in America/Japan.

                            2. Sonic Lost World- Safest thing to do is start a Sonic cartoon. Besides, the last  Sonic cartoon  was Sonic X and that was over a decade ago. I think they should focus on Japan with this one. Air it in America/Europe if you want, but Japan should be a priority. As we all know Sonic is dead in Japan. 20k in Japan for the PS3 version of Generations? Shameful.

                            3. Bayonetta 2- Start an anime to raise sales. Anime sells these days and specially anime with sexy themes. This would really help Bayonetta 2. There is no specific region they should focus on since the PS3 version had similar sales across all 3 regions. Even the 360 version managed to sell 90k in Japan.

                             4. Wind Waker HD- Most likely in  Disney Land ( America/Europe), the Zelda orchestra along with the producer  Eiji Aonuma should come and perform a concert. That would be really awesome since  Wind Waker had a great soundtrack in my opinion.  There should be a concert in a really popular Japanese place because Zelda sales in Japan SUCK A LOT. Even in Europe Skyward Sword managed to sell 1 million. In Japan? Not even half a million. Shameful. I am strating to feel that console gaming in Japan is not that strong. Besides the point though.

                             5. Wonderful 101- This may sound silly,  but start a collection of toys I guess. Since the characters and monsters in the game are so bat shit crazy, a collection of toys would work in my opinion. The game is " Magic in a bottle" and a line of toys could be  " Magic in a bottle" as well.

                             6. Super Smash Bros Wii U- I don't think  this needs a big special way to  be advertised, but I am gonnasugest  an idea for an advert. Combine the 64 and Melee adverts. Have people in DK, Mario Yoshi, Link costumes playing Smash Bros Wii U and then when someone wins,  the losers go and beat the winner and  then a segment that feels like the Smash 64 advert starts. That would be dope.

                              7. Mario Kart 8- Again, an idea for an advert. Have an advert showcase mario Kart 8 and the anti gravity mechanic. Mario races  a lot and goes from normal to anti gravity and to normal again, then to anti gravity again. Mario reaches the finish line  with a green face saying " Did I win?" then he hits his head against the  kart while he is still sitting in the kart  meaning that he is  feeling dizzy, but have  a black screen appear  with a circle ALA Looney Tunes covering everything up to Mario's face.  As for Japan, have it in anime style. Plain and simple.

                              8. Super Mario 3D World- Have women in cat suits playing the game. Nuff' said ( advert)

                              9. Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze- Have something similar to DKCR3D. Host an event where the public can play Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze and then all the sudden someone wearing a DK costume comes out and amuses the people. It worked with Donkey Kong Country 3D,  so why not this one as well?

                              10. Rayman Legends- Not Nintendo, but it doesn't matter. The same thing with  Tropical Freeze, but have people in constumes of Rayman, Goblox and Barbara. Not that hard.

                             11. X-    I was thinking of using a marketing tactic that resembles the one that Square used in the 90s for the PSX Final Fantasy games. Back in then, Square had a huge deal with Coca Cola I think and that helped them. Even in Japan, Pepsi helped them.  I am not saying that they should sign a partnership with Pepsi, but with something similar.  Maybe Pizza Hut? KFC? Maybe.......... MCDonalds? Who knows.  Put a lot of ads across TV networks  just like FF7. I AM NOT saying X will have FF7 sales if any of this happens, I am just saying that X  has the potential to be this new JRpg people go ape shit over. It's huge, monster are huge, has online multiplayer, most likely has a great soundtrack, amazing graphics. Potential FF killer if you ask me.

                           12- Yarn Yoshi-  An idea  for a TV advert since I can't think of something more special. Have  Yoshi coming out of the TV and pull the kid playing the game into the TV ( Yoshi is  textured in the real world) and then all the sudden Yoshi and the kid are all yarn because they switched dimensions. Yoshi eats a random enemy... say a  Shy Guy and Yoshi turns back into the textured model. The kid is still in yarn mode so what  he does? He eats a Shy Guy and turns back into the real life model of the kid. Then gameplay footage follows.

                           13- Lego City Undercover- They should sign a partnership with the official Lego company and for a week have an important building dedicated to a Lego festival. Be able to buy Lego City Undercover if you want and so on. Even buy the typical Lego City toys ONLY if you want for your kids.

                           14- Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate- For a week or so have a building dedicated to Monster Hunter. Have huge models of monsters like the Lucent Nargacuga. Also, be able to connect the 3DS and Wii U versions between if the people have them. Also, be able to try the game and buy it if you like it! This should be bigger in America/Europe since in Japan MH is already big.

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A Bayonetta promotional anime would seriously kick ass. Get the unit that's doing GitS Arise (Production IG, again) on that.

They should have expanded the Kid Icarus Uprising ones, too, or at least the segment Production IG did.

Monster Hunter: pissing me off since 2010.

Give a proper use to the NFC thing on the controller. Get some creative heads to develop some amazing use for it.

pwin´ every other villain since 1994

2. is more of less a mute point since digital copies can be bought for most Nintendo games.

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Stefan.De.Machtige said:
2. is more of less a mute point since digital copies can be bought for most Nintendo games.

                      This is why Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate's sales are mostly digital. Still, people complained about the games I mentioned not being available in stores when they should have been.

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Mr.Ashtear said:
Give a proper use to the NFC thing on the controller. Get some creative heads to develop some amazing use for it.

           Wasn't Rayman Legends supposed to have NFC fuctionality on the Wii U ?

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Otakumegane said:
Release them.

Yeah, this is pretty much the main issue here. This is the worst drought since the N64's first year.

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Jumpin said:
Otakumegane said:
Release them.

Yeah, this is pretty much the main issue here. This is the worst drought since the N64's first year.

                Yeah, but they will get released, but most likely have mediocre sales * points at Wonderful 101, Bayonetta 2, X,*. This is the point of this thread.  Ways future and current  Wii U games can improve their sales.

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I've suggested having a line of NFC toys for The Wonderful 101. I'm kinda surprised Nintendo has not used this feature much.

I'd also suggest that once they inevitably drop the price/create new bundles this fall, every new system should come with a playable demo of Wonderful 101 pre-installed. It's a new IP, it needs more promotion than a Mario or DKC game.