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Which E3 Presentation was your favorite?

Microsoft: They brought the games! 21 12.07%
EA: Not so bad after all? 1 0.57%
Ubisoft: #girlwood 3 1.72%
Sony: Stickin' it to Mic... 107 61.49%
Nintendo: We do our own ... 34 19.54%
They were all outstanding, Great E3! 8 4.60%
They were all terrible. PC Gaming forever! 0 0.00%

Sony - 7/10
Nintendo - 6/10
Microsoft - 5/10

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5th- Ubisoft 5/10 nothing new
4th-Sony 6/10 I honestly don't see what everyone is talking about, sure it had a lot of content, but most of it was old stuff, the new stuff was multiplat, and the best part of the conference were the jabs at Microsoft which shouldn't have been announcements in the first place, and a nice price which for all we know they may pull a vita memory card type deal on us. Not to mention that Conference was sooooooooo boring, they spent like 30 minutes talking about music and movies......I really don't get what was so great about this conference.

3rd -EA 8/10 Nice conference with some fantastic announcements.
2nd-Nintendo 9/10 They showed us some fantastic new games, mario kart, ssb, X, and bayonetta 2 all looked fantastic, and while some didn't like the new mario and donkeykong, I am honestly really excited for those games, not to mention they are coming out this year.

1st-Microsoft 9.5/10. You would have to be blind not to give it to Microsoft, it was new game after new game after new game. Most of which looked fantastic, the only negatives would be the price announcement and the sound issues.


Microsoft had the best conference. Jam packed with interesting games. Too bad I loathe MS and would never touch their console.

Ongoing bet with think-man: He wins if MH4 releases in any shape or form on PSV in 2013, I win if it doesn't.

Ubisoft: 4/10:
I was disappointed. I really like Ubisoft, and although The Crew and The Division looked cool, all the rest we already knew about. Oh I'm sorry, INTERACTIVE RABBID TV SERIES. Okay.

EA: 6/10
Anyone that watches EA's conference not expecting sports, Battlefield and Need for Speed will be disappointed. I wasn't, it's exactly what I was expecting anyway.

Nintendo: 7/10
Super Smash Bros looks cool, although it really baffles me that the first Zelda in HD will be a remake, when people were expecting a brand new game. Also, Super Mario 3D World looks fun, no doubt, but for the first 3D Mario in HD, it's not enough. Something like Super Mario Galaxy 3 would provide the WOW factor. X looks great though.

Microsoft: 8.5/10
Lots of games, many of them impressed me. Metal Gear Solid 5 looks absolutely amazing. But I can't help but think that if wasn't for TV bullshit, the console would be cheaper.

Sony: 9.5/10
The reaction of the audience for the price and the support of used games was nothing short of legendary. Less exclusives than the Xbox, yes, but I'm VERY excited about what they showed. Killzone looks great, inFamous looks like it has a protagonist with tons of charisma, and Knack is SO GODDAMN CHARMING. Both of them are must-have. The Order has a lot of potential as well, and I loved the ambientation of the trailer. Also, Ubisoft has to be a Sony fanboy, they didn't show gameplay on their own conference, to show in Sony's conference lol.
All that would give it a 9, but FINAL FANTASY XV. Yes, it's not exclusive, but it looks so AWESOME. Game of the Show, for me.

Microsoft 9.5/10 E3 is for games and they impressed the most on that front.
sony 8/10 Was good but dragged at some points and some of it's best stuff shown is multiplatform.
Nintendo 7.5/10 Man they did as expected which is disappointing i wanted a new IP! and 3d mario looks meh. Smash Bros and Mario Kart look great. they actually do have a nice amount of quality exclusives, but their spreadout so thin.
Ubisoft 9/10 Good showing all around very exciting looking new IP. stop showing me watch dogs though.
EA 8/10 battle field really showed some impressive multiplayer and plants vs zombies was a surprise. Solid overall. OMG MIRRORS EDGE!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I think OP's list easily matches my sentiments. (Other than the scores for some of the Conferences, like Sony. I would give them an 8.5 (up from my initial 8) so they would be a little ahead of Nintendo.)

Overall, minus Third Parties, this E3 was a good one. I'm hoping it continues into next year, except I kind of want Nintendo to put in full effort. Not just an 8, but a 9.

Carl is a Piplup hater and deserves to be punished eternally.

Sony 399 used games

MS: 7/10
Sony: 8/10
Nintendo: 7/10

Didn't bother watching the rest.

Microsoft 9/10
All about the games as promised. Easily the best conference. 360 support could've been better.

Sony 7/10
Left Vita to die. Only 1 new exclusive (retail at least) for PS4 announced. Mulitplat after multiplat after multiplat. PS3 section was better than the PS4 section.

Nintendo 7/10
Very short (though to be fair, that's why they didn't have a formal conference). No new multiplats. Very disappointed with Mario 3D. MK8 and Smash Bros looked much better though.

EA 6/10
Showed the usual EA Sports stuff, the usual Battlefield stuff etc.
Battlefront and Mirror's Edge reboot were good announcements.

Ubisoft 2/10
Just terrible.
Lame start (Rocksmith), no one laughed about Aisha Tyler's jokes (I didn't either), CGI trailers en masse (why one for Rayman Legends ?? Splinter Cell ?? Another one for Assassin's Creed ?), The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot was another terrible CGI trailer.
I give them 0.5 points for Trials Fusion, another 0.5 for The Crew and 1 point for The Division.

I watched it with my fellow mod buddies and we had a great time (even though they forced me to stay awake til 5am).

1. Microsoft 9/10 - Games, games, games. They had a huge amount of exclusive content most of which interests me. I want to see more gameplay on many of those but from what I see it has me wanting the Xbox One immediately. Ryse, Quantum Break, TitanFall, and Killer Instinct are at this point must haves for me. Dead Rising also has me interested. Halo was probably the best trailer without gameplay i had seen of the day as well. The only downsides was I need more gameplay demos and damnit I wanted to see more from Black Tusk Studios instead of a teaser.

2. EA 7/10 - I know Im going to get hate from people ranking them number 2 but they gave me some nice surprises like Plants vs Zombies, Battlefront 3, Dragon Age, and Titanfall. Also love what I'm seeing from BattleField 4

3. Nintendo 6.5/10 - Owning the WiiU I was extremely curious on the lineup. While most of the games I will not buy at launch it was still great seeing the lineup. Can not wait for Pokemon X/Y either XD

4. Sony 6/10 - Everybody will hate me for saying this but Sony's conference really bored me for the most part. Most of the things they showed me was things that I had already seen earlier that day. T he exclusive lineup was also pretty lack luster. Im interested in Killzone, The Dark Sorcerer, and Order 1886 at this point but I know nothing about any of them other than Killzone. They did show Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts 3 which was the big surprises. The thing is, I don't care for either one of those series and they are multiplatform. The one cool part of the conference was the used game and price point. But im not buying the console because of that either. Give me games and then i will buy it.  And seriosly Sony, did you all just let the vita die or something -_-

5. Ubisoft 6/10 - I'll make this simple. Assassin's Creed, The Division, and The Crew looks great.

Regardles I think ever conference did a pretty good job in ways.