Forums - Sales Discussion - Prediction: PS4 will outsell XBoxOne 2-to-1 in the US and 3-to-1 globally this year.

Because everyone needs a cell phone and Apple has everyone brainwashed. Not to mention they have subsidized contracts so the iPhone is basically the same price as every other smartphone under contract.

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PS2 dominated in US and 360 outsold PS3 there. So it doesn't mean jack squat.

That's a bold prediction for the USA, because we are talking about launch sales only. The global prediction is feasible though.

Lifetime is a different story, because the PS4 seems to be set to outsell the X1 in Japan, mainland Europe, the UK, the USA and the rest of the world. Shouldn't even be close in any country.

EDIT: On second thought, the USA are too big of a market. 2-1 globally is more realistic, 3-1 is too much in this troublesome economy. Even if Europe favors the PS4 dramatically over the X1 (and Europe will), €399 is still too steep of a price.

So PS4 wins in the USA by a small margin and around 2-1 globally this year. Sounds much better.

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Hmmm not sure about that. If Sony can even match Xbox sales in the states it would be a huge victory. Their global numbers will crush Xbox, but sales in the US will still favor Microsoft.

I really do not think one gen of dominating in the US means it has to continue in the Us. Just look at Nintendo's rise and Sony's fall from last gen here. The industry leaders can change rapidly and I think it is short sighted and a simple easy guess to say MS forever controls the Us market. 

You bring up a good point. I honestly don't know what will happen in the US with PS4 vs Xbone, but based on the huge advantage Xbone had this last gen if Sony were to Tie Microsft in sales in the US they would consider it a huge victory.

It would me an achievement, and I believe it could be very likely. Parents always look for the better deal when buying and it has always been believed the PS3s higher price point held it back the entire gen. I really do not see many people spending an extra $100 for Halo and kinect. 

I agree, that was my very thought when Microsoft announced a $499 price point. It just seemed a little much for the casual crowd.

That part is where the catch 22 comes in. It's expensive because of the kinect stuff mostly for the casuals but the same causals wont buy it because it's expensive.

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bevochan said:

The $100 price difference will make a HUGE difference for the average American video gamers (not to mention no DRM, no restriction on used games, no required online, etc...).  Previously, although I was confident that PS4 will outsell Xbox1 globally, I didn't think PS4 would outsell Xbox1 in the US.

Sony absolutely trolled MS at E3.

MS has lots of catching up to do such as price drop even before console release day or removing required online or removing used game restriction.

This year?  No, not unless Sony has produced that many more consoles than microsoft.  They will both be supply constrained throughout the holidays, and probably well into the next year.  Whoever sells the most initially will just boil down to whoever can make the most units.

now, next year, it may be a good prediction to make, or not.  Too early to tell really.

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Dark_Feanor said:
Apple sell iPhones for US$200 more than its direct competitors... and still outsell anyother smartphone.

So, why Microsoft can´t push its platform ahead of Sony´s?

smartphone are not console this is a different  story.

And ps2 sold more then the first xbox and xbox360 that mean it is not really true that xbox brand is bigger then playstation brand in USA

PS4 - over 100 millions let's say 120m
Xbox One - 70m
Wii U - 25m

Vita - 15m if it will not get Final Fantasy Kingdoms Heart and Monster Hunter 20m otherwise
3DS - 80m

I personally think Xbox will still rule the roost in the U.S.

In the long run, it may end up close in NA but in the EU and the rest of the world. Now that would definitely be another story altogether.

But I'm pretty doubtful anyone would lead in the first year, especially with the usual production constraints and all that jazz.

We will wait and see which version of multi games make more money. Ps4 will allow used games aswell as the xbox one but in a smarter way. Even if you buy a used game on xbox the devs will still make money. In the end this can be a big benefit for the xbox one. More publishers will continue to support the xbox because of this. They might even force Sony to do the same if ps4 version of games dont make as much money as xbox one titles. All this DRM stuff is the future of gaming, just look at steam and other services similar to it.

Plus why did both Microsoft and Sony only show 1 model of each console?
What if Microsoft has plans for a cheaper xbox for casuals?
There is still a few months away from launch and the xbox sure has some amazing games coming aswell as the "entertainment" side covered for casuals.