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Also 399 Euros.

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sony got the price right

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soo excited!!!


Atto Suggests...:

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Fatality : Kinghdom Hearts , No DRM and now this...

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"$399" ::drops the mic::

I didn't see anywhere in the show. Does anyone know if the PS Eye is included in every console or not?

If so, they must be planning on taking another $100+ loss on each console sold where MS seems to be going the Nintendo route (before Wii U) of breaking even/profit from the get go.


EDIT: Also, anyone know of the hard drive size?

MS owned.

greenmedic88 said:
"$399" ::drops the mic::

What mic? :P

$499 for Xbox One is crazy now. Wii U also seems a bit overpriced now at $350 for the premium model.