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Rate it

10 279 46.66%
9 135 22.58%
8 69 11.54%
7 40 6.69%
6 25 4.18%
5 28 4.68%
Anything below this and y... 5 0.84%
Other 15 2.51%

MS put on a really good show from what I am told(Didn't watch either conf but researched all the games). Unfortunately, the plethora of non stop gut punches with all the indies, 1st Party Exclusives, Functions and connectivity, FFXV and KHIII..........its over.




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The no DRM video and the showing of FF15 and KH3 put Sony's conference up there but they had some few down moments and the PS+ multiplayer requirement kinda dampen things a little but the price was okay in the end.

Hopefully they announce more games as the convention moves along or something and as always Sony needs to do more for the Vita.

So the way I see it:

Microsoft had the more entertaining press conference but Sony had the golden gun and shot microsoft multiple times. First at the zero used games restrictions/online authentification and again with the price. Overall I'm fairly disappointed with sony's showing though, i wanted to see more exclusives and I thought their press conference was poorly paced and unnecessarily long. All the launch titles + Infamous deserved much better showings as opposed to 30 second trailers. They skimmed over these titles as if they had a ton of other exclusives to get to but that never happened.
-The Order Looked great, we've yet to see gameplay but of all the exclusives I'm looking forward to that the most closely followed by Infamous.

Still the ps4 is going to have the best launch in History.

Also I don't think FFIV and Kingdom Hearts 3 are exclusives. They never uttered that word, yet if it was sony would definitely have said so.

9/10, fucking outstanding. Bravo, Sony.

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Sony easily won. They did everything right!


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Gave it a solid 7 or 8. A bit of a shame, but I think Sony stole their own thunder a bit by revealing Killzone and Infamous at their console reveal. I did like the London horror thing, but it's CG so I don't give it too much excitement.

Like the MS conference it focused too much on multiplat games and not enough on exclusives.

Really felt VITA could have been pushed more.

I rated it higher than MS's conference due to the good news on DRM and price though. In the UK it's nearly £100 cheaper!

My score would be 8/10

* No DRM, used games/always-on restrictions.
* Good exclusives for both PS3 and PS4.
* Great price.

* R.I.P free online gaming.
* Offered nothing to PS Vita.
* The probability of FFXV and KH3 going multiplatform.
* The Last Guardian not getting a mention.

sunK1D said:
Unless they can pull some tricks last minute... They tanked hardcore. MS actually delivered and they knew exactly what they wanted to talk about. Sony is all over the place.. No clear message there.

Really? To me Sony WON big time.

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Microsoft definitely has a stronger title line-up. Sony's list was all first party + multiplatform + Square Enix exclusives. However Square is probably the most loyal Sony company of them all. Next up would be Konami, but they have western games so they went multiplatform.