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Rate it

10 279 46.66%
9 135 22.58%
8 69 11.54%
7 40 6.69%
6 25 4.18%
5 28 4.68%
Anything below this and y... 5 0.84%
Other 15 2.51%

lol so many 10. I actually think that it's a 6. Most of it was boring. Then they announced no DRM it went up 3 points. After that they announced PS+ it went down 2 points. So 6-7.

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Who else was crying when they announced KH3? I don't care if is multiplat I'm just happy they are finally making it. Tetsuya Nomura in charge of saving Square Enix.

I was very impressed by both conferences.

Destiny looks amazing. I think that game will consume my life lol
The PS4 price point is pretty shocking, and FFXV looked amazing. Also psyched about inFamous because I used to live in Seattle, so that's pretty cool to have the game up there and it looks great.

I'll be picking up both consoles at launch

8 out of 10 for conference

9 out of 10 for personal interest.


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Sony's was quite disappointing, imo. Way too much time wasted, and way too many multiplats and games that we've already seen. This is E3, dammit! I want new shit!

The price, clarification of drm, and KINGDOM HEARTS 3!!!!!!!!!! Somewhat make up for it though. I give it an 8/10.

Did anyone else notice that PS4 online multiplayer is behind a paywall, now?

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Solid 8 for diversity.
Loved the bit with the indie games. Stealth trolling online pay. (i don't care)
A bit too much multi-plats towards the end but they didn't care i guess.
Despite the lack of a Megaton at the end, they beat MS with something they are not doing.
And the price is reasonable.

Sony easily won overall.
Microsoft wins in terms of exclusives though.


7/10 nice price point. But so far it only has one game I'm interested in playing and that is Infamous Second Son.

I give it a 9. It showed a bunch of games that I wanted, huge indie support, has no online drm crap, and is coming out at a cheaper price. It would have easily gotten that 10 if they didn't start late and if they didn't have the first 45 not talking about the PS4. It was amazing just beating Microsoft's press conference.


Man, both Sony and Microsoft embracing the nostalgia. Embrace it.

don't waste time

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