Forums - Sony Discussion - Rate the Sony Conference- Enough to beat the Microsoft one? NO DRM, SONY WINS!

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10 279 46.66%
9 135 22.58%
8 69 11.54%
7 40 6.69%
6 25 4.18%
5 28 4.68%
Anything below this and y... 5 0.84%
Other 15 2.51%
maximrace said:
This poll is unbelieveable. Microsoft showed way more games

While 360 did have more games, the console itself is far worse then the PS4. Weaker, more expensive, DRM, with Kinect always on (scary after Microsofts involvement in the PRISM scandal where personal and confidental information was shared).

The console made a huge impact at this E3.

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Sony won, xbox can suck a DRM

Looks like Sony's was really, really liked!

Rate it

10 266 47.08%
9 126 22.30%
8 66 11.68%
7 39 6.90%
6 23 4.07%
5 25 4.42%
Anything below this and y... 5 0.88%
Other 15 2.65%
Total: 565  

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I wanted to give it an 8, but it'll possibly end up with a 7 due to the disappointing amount of exclusives and the fact that Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts III were confirmed for Xbox One.

+ Great price

+ No DRM/console authentification 

+ Love shown for indies

+ 1886 looks very good

+ Second Son, Driveclub, KZ impresses again

- Not enough reveals/announcements compared to Microsoft. ND? Guerilla team 2? SM? Bend? MM? I know you want to spread the reveals out across the year, but you've got 20 Sony published coming first year and showed like 7? Only one of which we hadn't seen before.