Forums - Sales Discussion - NSMB2 (6.02M) vs SM3DLand (8.43M)

Which one will sell most?

NSMB2 24 37.50%
SM3DLand 21 32.81%
Animal crossing 19 29.69%

Mario faces his worst enemy! Himself!
Give me the 5 W...and the H!

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Finally! A Nintendo thread in a sea of Microsoft and Sony threads.

Yep, Mario has his work cut out for himself, while Mario is on easy street.

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Animal Crossing will outsell both, easily.

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New Super Mario Bros. 2 will win, I won't say easily but surely nonetheless.

3D Land is fading. It will struggle to reach 10m. New Super Mario Bros. 2's legs however remain steady. It will reach 15m someday. And now, Animal Crossing won't reach 15m. Mario Kart 7, maybe.

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id say animal crossing! if they would count the digital sales :P


NSMB2 was so undeserving and overrated and mis-advertised...3D Land on the other hand was an absolute gem

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New Super Mario Bros. 2

While 3D Land is brilliant and its selling like a brilliant game should, 2D Mario always wins. Willing to predict right now that it will be a 20 Million seller.

I didn't realize they sold so much.

I hope Super Mario 3D land keeps its lead and sends a message to Nintendo that it's okay to take risk and combine 2D & 3D together.

nitendo numbers

Mario 3d 8.29
MK7 8.08
NSMB2 6.42
ACNL 3.86

i wanna see this number by the end of the year with pokemon :)