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Forums - Gaming Discussion - So, in before E3 : who won the 7th generation ?


In the end, who "won" this (living room) console generation ?

Wii 356 56.33%
PS3 210 33.23%
X360 62 9.81%
Alphachris said:
The only genre where the WiiMote shines is the Railshooter...

Why not FPS also?  I enjoyed playing FPS with Wiimote and nunchuck more than lame ass dual analog. 

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Nintendo won In terms of profits and sales.

Xbox performed quite well and gained a lot of marketshare, Sony managed to turn around what could have been a massive failure. Overall they all did pretty well.

As for quality, that's debatable.

Wii won the 7th generation.
Atari 2600 -> Nintendo Entertainment System -> Super Nintendo Entertainment System -> PlayStation -> PlayStation 2 -> Wii -> ?

Your OP, as pointed out by others, is full of glaring errors. Wii easily made the most money, no doubt more than the other systems combined. So how you arrive at the conclusion the 360 did is beyond me.

The only hard facts we have are sales and profit, an area the Wii easily wins. And for 3rd parties it was good, particularly Ubisoft, Capcom and Sega.

Talking about games is a purely subjective matter. I had more fun with the likes of Galaxy, Xenoblade, Brawl, Monster Hunter, Zelda, Metroid Prime Trilogy, Mario Kart etc. than any game I can think of for the PS360. They were Not to say the other libraries are bad, but you can't dismiss the Wii on the SW front so easily either.

Arguably the loser in every sense is Sony. They lost a load of money and marketshare, and people say "momemtum" but the PS2 had far more than the PS3 snd that didn't help at all. I struggle to see what logic people use to arrive at the conclusion the PS3 "won" as of right now ofcourse, aside from being purely subjective.


Here lies the dearly departed Nintendomination Thread.

It was easily the Wii....Xbox 360 and PS3 are still playing catch up to it

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PC won

Wii won. Xbox lost me after original XBOX abandonment. PS3 and PC made strong comebacks and delivered the most personally.

Both ps3 and 360 ate ahead by default over wii 


the higher total has meant nothing to wii owners, even now wii owners have to upgrade only to play ps3/360 style games


the best console that won this gen IMO is ps3 due to games 

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blublibla said:
jlrx said:

It is obviously the Wii, and you don't have to take into account just the number of consoles. Your "profit" section is also highly inaccurate, you can't call it a profit and then also call it revenue. Did Sony make any money selling the PS3 at a loss? No, they can't count as a revenue until they sold the console at cost or greater, same for Microsoft, so in the 7th generation, which company profited more from their console? We already know it was Nintendo.

So you are saying that Wii Sport Resort is the best game of this generation because it sold the most ?

As I said, a console is a winner depending on the perspective. For manufacturers it's the Wii in term of install based but in the end, the profit counts. For publishers it's the same, and Wii is far from being the most profitable. As for games, well all consoles have enough perks and game exclusives to be good, but in the end when you compare hardware, services and mostly, games, there are some platforms which offer beffet than other.

You asked who was the winner, not who was the best.  Tha analogy being the most popular musician is not necessarily the best.

In the conventional sense and the only sense that really matters, the Wii won, it's not even close to debatable.  It sold more, it sold much faster, made more profit per unit hardware and likely much more profit per unit software.

Revenue is a fairly useless metric of who won and the issue of better software is highly subjective and belongs more in a debate of 'who is the best', rather than ' who is the winner'.

Finally if you want to look at profit, this is the area where the Wii has an absolutely unasailable advantage.  Anyone who thinks otherwise really needs to check their facts.  The Wii made Nintendo literally billions of dollars profit each year between 2006-2009/10.  I haven't looked at the numbers lately but I doubt that, factoring costs for R+D and loss-leading, either MS or Sony turned a profit for the generation. Their balance sheets may have been positive in the last 1-3 financial years but not in amounts that can offset the billions they both lost at the start of the generation.

From a business prospective:
Wii >>>>> 360 >>> PS3

From a gamer's prospective:
PS3 > 360 >>>>>>>> Wii

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