Forums - Sony Discussion - PS4 leaked via teaser promo E3 2013 (Fake).

Cool. But most certainly fake.

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ethomaz said:

That was the fan concept... looks different.

This looks better than the PS4 in the video imo


But it looks more like a slim though

the2real4mafol said:
When did sony even say that PS4 won't support CD's? It wouldn't surprise me if that was a rumour itself

adriane23 said:

If legit, this will trump the fat PS3 and slim 360 in design. And those were some sexy bitches.

EDIT: The trailer looks ridiculous though. There was more eyeball footage than footage of the actual console.

The trailer looks just like the japanese slim ps3 play faces ad

Tone down the LED and it looks like a winner.

Fake though.

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It does read CDs, but doesn't playback audio CDs

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Carl2291 said:
Its looks gigantic.

Yes, they look gigantic, I mean, the console, the console...


To tell the truth, it looks like a videogame console, that is what I can say...

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I don't think Sony will use the original PSone logo on it...

I guess that tron commercial was fake.