Forums - Sony Discussion - PS4 leaked via teaser promo E3 2013 (Fake).

Carl2291 said:
Its looks gigantic.

Lol, can't tell if serious? Looks really small IMO. 

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If it's real I might buy it just because it looks so pretty.

Looks real enough.

Solid and simple design.

As long as the materials match up then I like it from what I see here.

Best design they have had so far I'd say, never liked PS2 and PS3 was too big and heavy at first (though i quite liked it) and latterly cheap and nasty.

I'm not really here!

Link: Shipment History Since 1995

i hope this is true because that looks like a sexy beast!

I like it, but it has way too much illumination

Nothing to see here, move along

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A nice, clean design. I really like this clean look^^

It looks about the footprint of two Wii U's and thicker. (lol, the size of two Wii's, and thicker... no wonder it's black and Wii comes in white...) I don't mind large consoles though.

WTF is this Tron shit?

I'm a huge fan of LED illumination in my tech. Though hopefully it can be turned down/off because it could be annoying in a dark room.

what bothers me with this pic is the reflection though, the glow of the lights isnt visible in the reflection. very amateur if you ask me, this mistake if making me not believe the pic in a way.