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theDX said:
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe comes out on April 28, not March 3 by the way.

Thanks fixed!

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i see the colours got switched...

Wait, of the 4 launch games of the switch this is the 2nd most preordered!

Okay, the new colours suck.... Can we get some darker colours?

Holy! The colours made me blind for a few seconds XD Need to get used to it.

But wow! I shouldn't be surprised for Zelda..... but still! And the Wii U version not charting is saying something about the Switch!  And MK8 deluxe making it in the charts with almost 100 days left!

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Pretty awesome opening for Zelda. Happy the colors were changed, seems better that way. Only thing is I would say the PS4 color should be a darker blue

Holy fuck boutros i love you ❤

Did what i suggested wtf o.O

Also the colors threw me the f*** off lmao.

Goooooo zelda.!! 12 switch... I dont care for but i hope it does well. ( i might need to play it)

Wherr the hell is FE?

Boutros with the ultimate troll!

They asked for a sea of blue and they got it!

Anyway super day for Super Robot Wars and RE7. Nier continues to beast.

I have one question, why NSW and not just NS. NS looks so much better.

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The next few days will be interesting..


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