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Who will Win E3 2013

Nintendo 208 39.39%
Sony 223 42.23%
Microsoft 97 18.37%

So guys, its coming on that time of year again, so was hoping to see what everyone thinks. Hopefully some of you already have some predictions on this one. So here we go!

Nintendo: The Most to Gain
    Nintendo stands to gain the most from this E3 by far. Sales are at a dismal level for the WiiU, they've just announced an enormous number of games for the 3DS ahead of the event, and they need to recapture their momentum they had from last November/December. They'll need to seriously suprise, shock, and amaze this year if they are to have any hope of reversing the situation they've gotten themselves into.
    I'm Hoping For: Super Smash Bros Trailer, Zelda U Anouncement, Wii U Pricecut, A lot of Suprises

Sony: Stuck In the Middle
    Sony is in a good position right now. Despite the Vita's poor sales performance, the PS3 is dominating the market right now, and the momentum of the PS4's February announcement is still being felt. It is in Sony's court now to carry that momentum forward to the launch of the console.
    I'm Hoping For: Vita Pricecut, Vita Game Announcements, PS4 Pricing Reveal (Under $400), More PS4 Game reveals

Microsoft: Hard to Mess this Up
    Ok lets admit it. Microsoft is right now in the best position to win E3 2013, based simply on the fact that as of right now, the 720 or Durango or whatever it will be called, will most likely be revealed duing this conference. Microsoft will need to wow us all pretty well in order to capture some of Sony's momentum, so hopefully the console will have some unique aspects that will help to set it apart.
    I'm Hoping For: XBox 720 Announcement (Obviously), Changes to Xbox Live's Pay Scheme, MANY suprises, Next Gen Exclusive Games and Launch Titles


So all in all, from what I can think of, I would love it if Nintendo won, I think Sony stands a good chance at winning, but I think Microsoft in  in the best position to actually give it a go. So what do you guys think??? (I know the forum is completely Nintendo/Sony based so many won't agree with me but still)




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sony, only because finalfantasy will be revealed for the PS4 :)

Duh, Microsoft.

Xbox will win most hype. All the have to do is anounce 720 backwards compatable and the rest is sealed. Nintendo will win best playable games since they had they time to tinker the most. Hype always wins so I say microsift

Gamers and Investors lol

But yeah I think Sony will. they've been doing better lately.

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With a trailer of the new Super Smash Bros., Nintendo will win the E3!!!



Nintendo would've won if they saved everything for E3

I think Sony is just going to have a smooth E3. Everything is just going to flow

MS is harder to tell because they bought a lot of random studios in the last few years so they could show those new projects while showing the new cod and sport games.

Its hard to tell but i think Sony is going to win

how do we decide who wins?

MikeB predicts that the PS3 will sell about 140 million units by the end of 2016 and triple the amount of 360s in the long run.

Hopefully it'll be gamers who will win and not get forced fed "Always Online", "Wonderbook", "Motion Controls/Tablet Maps", and "Subscription fees services".


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