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I will be adding images of Star Wars episode 4/5/6 with it saying 3D in the title, when they are up on the Internet on the OP. I will also post an image of each new Stars Wars in the OP. As well as making mini Threads with spoiler images of the New Star Wars Movies that I will post the links with Spoiler warning in this Thread OP.


Star Wars Episode VII & VIII & IX are going to be made, as well as side Stories revolving around certain Star Wars characters.

Since its Disney, we know it's gonna be recorded in Stereoscopic 3D IMAX (typical Disney)

here's more details:


Star Wars episode VII 3D "December 2015"

Star Wars episode VIII 3D "Summer 2017"

Boba Fett 3D "Summer 2016 or 2018"

Han Solo 3D "Summer 2016 or 2018"

Star Wars episode IX 3D "Summer 2019"


Possible Yoda 3D

Possible Seven Samurai-type Jedi 3D


J.J. Abrams is the director of ep. 7

Michael Arndt is handling the script to ep.7

Harrison Ford returns as Han Solo in ep. 7

Mark Hamill returns as Luke Skywalker in ep. 7

Carrie Fisher returns as Princess Leia "Organa" (Amidala) Skywalker Solo in ep. 7

Feel free to inform me of anything I don't know about yet, to more quickly update this Thread.

Anyways 3D IMAX Cameras are 250 pounds heavy, just so you know.


And Star Wars EP. 2 & 3 come out this year in 3D as shown here:

And we are also getting Star Wars episode 4 & 5 & 6 in 3D as listed at the bottom of the OP.

Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope September 2014 United States Filmed in 2D 2.35:1 125 Originally released in 1977.
Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back December 2014 United States Filmed in 2D 2.35:1 127

Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi February 2015 United States Filmed in 2D 2.35:1 135 Originally released in 1983.

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May the Force be with us

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No musicals plz!

Einsam_Delphin said:
No musicals plz!

LOL, don't worry that will never happen, at least not in this case.

The one thing I like about Disney is that you can count on them to make truly good direct to theaters Sequel. (Tron Legacy & Pirates of the Carribean 2 & up)

Einsam_Delphin said:
No musicals plz!

but now will be a Disney's Musical

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EricFabian said:
Einsam_Delphin said:
No musicals plz!

but now will be a Disney's Musical

Has anyone ever seen that Simpsons episode where Homer becomes a bodyguard for mayor Quimby, and the actor who played Luke Skywalker ended up doing a solo musical about Star Wars, LOL.

I have dramatically updated the OP.


FYI 2013 has at least 65 3D Movies, including Star Wars ep. 2 & 3 as shown here:

Tagging cause I love Star Wars ;3


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Tagging too cos well i love star wars an 3D lol xD

I'm VERY skeptical about this new trilogy... I don't want to see it take place after episode VI! They have thousands of years to explore, and an episode VII without *spoilers!!* Darth Vader ain't worth watching!

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