Forums - Sony Discussion - Final Fantasy X HD looks better on PS Vita than PS3

Which platform you buying it for?

PS3 40 31.25%
Vita 44 34.38%
Both 20 15.63%
Neither 24 18.75%
Troll_Whisperer said:
AbbathTheGrim said:
Vita more powerful than the CELL confirmed?

hmm, I wouldn't be surprised if they split X and X-2 for the Vita cuz they are likely to make more money off them from Japan, given the strength of the handheld gaming over there. Or maybe it is true and they didn't fit.

Nah, they really couldn't have fit them both in one Vita card. CGI occupies a lot of space (e.g., 33gb in FFXIII), and Vita cards only hold up to 4GB. I hope Sony gives developers more capacity soon.

Yeah, I forgot about the CGIs、if I remember correctly X-II didn't have much of those though. I think Sony should first remodel the Vita to include internal memory to finally get rid of memory cards, but that is just me.

Nintendo is selling their IPs to Microsoft and this is true because:

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It sucks I can't get both for Vita for 1 low price, but that's alright. This game will be played only on Vita! And maybe X-2.

Vita. I am playing ff 8 and 9 on the vita so i will continue with 10

must-have-list for platforms i don't own yet:

WiiU: Donkey Kong

XBone: Dead Rising 3, Ryse

PS3 for me, I don't have a Vita so that clears that up

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I might go with the Vita versions depending on how they price them separately but for now I'm getting the PS3 version.

The price of the vita version will be half the price so buying both 10 and 10-2 will be same price as ps3 version.

i'm getting a vita but, i really want this for the PS3

I am tempted to get both of the games for the PS3 and also the Vita but if i were to choose only one I think it would be the Vita since the game will look amazing on the OLED screen!!

I also agree that Sony should re-design the Vita to include 16GB of internal storage but keep the option to increase that size with the memory cards... give everyone who bought a Vita before this change a 16GB card

I'm gonna get it on the vita