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Forums - Gaming Discussion - New screens for ff 13: LR

Day 1, no questions asked

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now stop showing me new screenshots & take my money!!!

Porcupine_I said:
Troll_Whisperer said:
PlaystaionGamer said:
it looks alright.

think that annoys me is i hate these games on home systems! i hope all 3 FF13 games come out on Vita tbh.

The CGI in FFXIII alone would occupy 8 Vita cards (33GB).

not if they use the XBOX footage

at first i was like: oh em gee this guy is asking for a ban

Then i was like: Hold on thats actually true

Actually looks good, but so did FF13 in the trailers.

Probably this and Wind Waker HD are the only game I know I'm getting this Fall...

And I hated FFXIII-2, but there are simply no other games looking to fill the boots of a Japanese fantasy adventure.

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Is that a thong she's wearing?


Polished turds always look lovely, problems come when you want to play with them.

perpride said:
now stop showing me new screenshots & take my money!!!

The game doesn't even have a release date set!