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I've seen a lot of new topics comparing PS4 graphics to other consoles, including(LOL) Wii, but it seems nobody thought to make a PC graphics comparison, using current gen PS3/360 ports and a few exclusives, of course, to see the real improvement we're going to get with the PS4. I tried to pick the best shots possible for every game and tried to match the settings, unfortunately as PS4 shots are either heavily anti-aliased or incredibly low-res and blocky, I had to pick the anti-aliased ones which are probably don't represent the final game realistically.


Hitman Absolution(PC)


Watch Dogs(PS4)



Crysis Warhead(PC)


Killzone: Shadowfall(PS4)



Drive Club(PS4)


Project Cars(PC)





Sonic Generations(PC)



Please, give your sincere opinions.

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Project Cars looks pretty amazing. Is that Spa?

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project car look a little better then drive club and Killzone look similar crysis

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small44 said:
project car look a little better then drive club and Killzone look similar crysis

Just to remind, Crysis Warhead is from 2008, therefore there are better looking PC games nowadays(if you play the game without mods). Unfortunately, the only FPS that I found with a similar setting to that Killzone shot was the first Crysis and the sequel, Warhead, so I had to pick that picture.

For a bit PS4 games will look better but on a technical level it will never match the resolution and frames PCs push, duh.

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Planetside 2 Realtime @1080p:

KZ Bullshot @2160p:

When you have a machine this powerful, heavy anti-aliasing has a much better shot of ending up in the final product than last generation. It's like a high end (though I wouldn't say top of the line) PC. It doesn't take too much to throw on 8x or even 16x AA on current hardware.

Nice screens though!

Interesting comparison and does make the PS4 look like it should do quite well. Looks like it should be quite pretty.

I'm about with Joe on this one though. Pretty as they are, there's no real way any console can truly keep up with PC's top end because of the constant variability. All the same though, PS4 should look quite nice!

RolStoppable said:
Project Cars looks pretty amazing. Is that Spa?

It looks like it's the radillion in Spa, but I'm not 100% sure. At least with that hill and those trees it can't be a track designed by Tilke.

Watch Dogs was confirmed to be running on a PC "with similar spec to the PS4"

It should not be taken as representative of final PS4 games. And I would bet most of the games show off so far are similarly running on PC dev kits.

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