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Best one?

3 1 2.94%
Vice City 11 32.35%
San Andreas 22 64.71%

I just played through the trilogy on PSN classics and I have to say San Andreas is my least favorite of them.  Sure you can do a whole bunch of stuff but the story is just boring and weak and I really hated how they made you get all those territories right at the end.  Also those flight missions were complete BS and the missions you were training for weren't NEARLY as hard as the actual trainging.  

Anywho I played Vice City next and holy crap does it hold up.  Sure there's less space, but it's all so much tighter and I just loved the setting and the characters more.  I don't wanna play as some nobody trying to take over a street who I feel dumb just listening to his friends talk, I want to be a gangster who actually has some ambition/intelligence.  

GTA3 is somewhere in the middle I liked the story but not the setting quite as much as Vice City.  I also liked the driving in Vice and GTA3 much more than San Andreas as the countryside was way too bumpy and giant in San Andreas.  I hope GTA6 is in Vice City again.

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San Andreas is my favourite. I don't play GTA for the story, i play to wreck havoc and explore the environment, and San Andreas by far has the best environment in any GTA game. Being able to travel through cities, explore forests and mountains is just awesome.


Vice City was my first GTA game but San Andreas made me love the series to a whole new level, too bad GTAIV isnt like it ;(


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I've never played San Andreas. But Vice City all the way

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There is only one correct answer, and it is Vice City. It has held up really really well over the years too.

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San Andreas... because you use a black guy.

My parents didn't let me play them back when they first came out since I was between 10 and 13 when these were coming out.

But I have played Vice and San Andreas a few times now...but I can't really say which was better.

Vice City for me.......... Story 10/10, Music 10/10, Setting 10/10, Cast 10/10 (Ray Liotta as Tommy Vercetti was simply fantastic, and an all star cast including the likes of Lee Majors, Gary Busey, Philip Michael Thomas, Danny Trejo, Dennis Hopper, Danny Dyer, Jenna Jameson Robert Davi etc etc) Gameplay 9.8/10.