Forums - Gaming Discussion - Sony Showed Next Gen Graphics 8 years ago at e3 2005.

i think its pretty clear that this was their intention all along.

Ps4 was allways the real deal for Sony :D

And boy oh boy look at this:


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GG did a good job getting KZ2-KZ3 Very close to that video. IQ and Scale just don't come close though.

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Sony and their 'gameplay' videos. And the fanboys took it up the tailpipe with glee.

Good times.

well nothing new for Sony they did similar with PS2.

At the end of the day the PS3 still provided great looking games with great gameplay.



As far as I'm concerned KZ 3 looks better than that video.

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Implying MS doesn't do the same thing.
Great thread OP

Killzone 2 looks close to that video... of course the video have more scale but the game have more details and better physics (look at the exploded parts of the airplane).

Killzone 3 chars looks better.

Killzone actually delivered. It doesn't match all aspects of that video but I think it surpassed it in some like particle affects. KZ3 is just a visual feast

Motorstorm was pretty BS tho

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That's one of latest code before the release of Killzone 2... it's really close to the E3 trailer.

remember milo, real time interraction not staged right

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