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Forums - Movies Discussion - 3D Blu-Rays of 2013 Movies, share your thoughts "OFFICIAL 3D Movies in 2K13 THREAD" (List of 3D Movies of 2013 in OP)


Poll closed.

Closed. 23 76.67%

There is currently 77 3D Movies listed for 2013 compare to only 45 3D Movies of 2012.

So we got what seems like 32 more 3D Movies in then last year when we only got 28 to 29 more movies in general compare to last year.


So who still doubts that 3D Movies are here to stay?

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If you have seen Man of Steel in 3D, then please post here.

If you seen Man of Steel condensed into a flat 2D image then please post on the other Thread:



I would suggest seeing this in 3D IMAX or IMAX subsitute.

I updated the 2nd OP with this image for Apartment 1303 3D:

I like how the pupil in the eye is in the shape of an old school keyhole LOL.

I saw Man of Steel in 3D. It was pretty damn awesome!

I updated the OP confirming "Storm Surfers 3D" as a June 14 2013 release nationwide in America.

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If you've seen Monster University in 3D, then please post.


Thanks, and Happy Year of 3D.




If you've seen World War Z 3D, then please post what you want to say.


Thanks, and Happy Year of 3D!




3D was obviously the most popular version at Man of Steel. Not sure about Monsters. The 2D line was big though.

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Man of Steel 3D IMAX, well IMAX subsitute; review:

This movie is not dark & not light.

Lois Lane & Superman spend way more then 4 minutes until they fall in love, like probably 30 to 60 minutes, but it's only 4 minutes in movie watching time LOL.

The adult Clark Kent having flashbacks was a good idea, so they could stick to just showing the most needed bare essentials, plus it also made it possible for us to see more of his childhood during ACT 2.

Anyways Superman goes thru a lot as he does in the comics but in this just one movie like "the Last Airbender" (live action) 3D movie I guess, or Goku in Dragonball Evolution or something LOL.

And Superman seems like he could be defeated by Dragonball Z characters from the Saiyan Saga or Namekian Saga, except in 1 or 2 scenes like when he is flying away from being sucked by a black hole. But Superman clearly is barely just learning just how strong he is, and really has no idea yet, even after the movie is over.

I think with each cell in his body being completely different while being completely Kryptonian might have something to do with Superman having a hard time getting a grip of his powers as Superman...I mean the Villian had no problem figuring getting what seem like optimal control...I mean it's one thing to be able to handle all of your senses because of life training, but it's another thing to be able to do such output of each ability so quickly. Which makes me think that Superman in the movie reboot franchise can become more powerful then his fellow people, because of his unique cells, which might act as a double edge sword making it hard for him to grasp the full extent or even some extent of his power unlike his fellow kryptonians, but this is a theory of mine.

Anyways the movie takes as realistic approach taking place in the 21st century as it realistically can, being about Superman.

And the character is really put in between a rock and a hard place during ACT 3, and because he grew up always worrying not to harm anyone, well it makes the experience extra emotional for him, then it would if it was anyone else, so the filmakers clearly got the character down as accurately as possible, like if he was a person in real life with such abilities.

And this film does have its emotional scenes here & there, but not excessively and only at right moments of the film.

And Clark Kent clearly has one more reason why he choose to work at the Daily Planet then what he told his mom, LOL but I'm serious, and I think its quite obvious to everyone who sees the movie.

And I like how there was NO kryptonite in this movie.

The 3D effect was real natural looking, and the theater format for the 3D effect was just right for IMAX Size Screen because the screen is already pretty big, and the 3D effect makes it look not to much of the 3D effect to make sure the screen didn't become too big looking, but I think the real reason for the 3D effect being the way it was in the movie was because of Christoper Nolan because he always prefer 19 lambarts for films, so Christopher Nolan's greed for 19 lambarts in 3D Movies might be the real reason why the 3D effect wasn't as full of depth & distance as pretty much all other movies this year was, at least compared to Man of Steel 3D for theater format of 3D effect anyways.

This is easily the best Superman movie ever, but it didn't have much competition LOL. But it is the Best Film of the Year, at least so far, but I think it might stay that way for 2013.

So the Top 4 Movies of 2013 so far, seem to be:

(1). Man of Steel 3D

(2). Star Trek Into Darkness 3D

(3). Iron Man 3 3D

(4). G.I. Joe Retaliation 3D

I am waiting to see Thor