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What games will you support?

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This threads goal is to inform about new Kickstarter games that have begun in this month, multiple details for the games are left out and can be found on the kickstarter page. (Link for each can be found at the bottom of the descriptions)



Goal: 500,000 Current: 53,500

Days Passed : 1  Days Left: 28

Release Date Goal: AUG 2014       Creator: Phosphor Game Studios 


Project Awakened is a genre-defying game that lets you answer the question: "Who do you want to be?" For the first time in a modern AAA action game, you will have the opportunity to completely define your dream videogame character, from abilities to aesthetics, all while playing in an action-packed world that responds to your personal playstyle.

Project Awakened contains a modular powers and skill system that allows players to select from a huge number of abilities and combine them in unique ways. Unlike other games which use a class system or skill trees, Project Awakened leaves every choice and ability up the player. Likewise, players will have the opportunity to completely customize the appearance of their characters. Comical or serious, rough or polished, nearly any character imaginable can be created using the Project Awakened Player Creation system.

While Project Awakened allows for players to make typical videogame heroes such as Ninjas, Snipers, or Urban Warriors, what makes Project Awakened truly unique is the potential to craft gameplay experiences and challenges that have never existed before. An invisible hero who can charm enemies to fight for her. A non-violent hero with super speed and agility racing past enemies to the goal. A man who spontaneously combusts at will and touches everyone to incinerate them. The possibilities are endless, and allow players to craft a gameplay challenge unlike anything anyone has ever seen before. The only limit is the player’s imagination.

We will build a hub-and-spoke game world, where players will explore a rich city environment, and then venture off into more linear storytelling areas that have specific puzzles and combat scenarios that can be approached differently depending on the character. The AI in the game and the world itself will be built in such a way that they will respond to any potential power the player has at their disposal in a realistic environment. 

Multiplayer in Project Awakened will open players’ eyes to the creative potential of what videogames can be. The myriad of abilities and weapons available in the game will allow players to craft teams of characters never before seen in multiplayer games and specially suited to countering enemy strategies or achieving objectives. While multiplayer will take inspirations from other competitive team-building and objective based games, the focus will be providing an action-packed online experience that players can customize to their liking.

Project Awakened has huge potential to foster a robust Mod community. If the Stretch Goal is achieved, Project Awakened will ship with the editor exposed, and the game itself will be built in such a modular fashion that it will be easy to modify any values on any abilities, weapons, maps, etc. to the player’s liking. Craft new weapons, new character outfits, and create entirely new maps and gameplay scenarios using the easy to use editor and our massive art library.

(Note Game is planned to use UE4 video shows UE3 build)





 Death Inc.

Goal: £300,000                                  Current: £25,000

Days Passed: 1                                    Days Left: 28

Release Date Goal: OCT 2013         Creator: Ambient Studios


Guide Grim T. Livingstone, freelance Reaper, through 1660's England as he spreads fear, loathing and most importantly, the bubonic plague.


Death Inc. is not your typical strategy game. It's a unique mix of real-time strategy, god game and business sim, harking back to some of the classic Bullfrog games like Theme Park and Dungeon Keeper. Simply paint your orders into the world and unleash your infected minions on serfs, wenches and noblemen. Every human that falls will join the ranks of your pestilential horde. 

In between battles, build your business empire on the bones of your victims and strive to become the greatest Reaper the world has ever endured. Every unit in your horde has a primal instinct to attack anyone and anything not affected by the plague. People, cows, chickens... you direct it, they'll infect it.

But beware! Humanity's not going to go down without a fight.You’ll face a variety of increasingly complex challenges through the game, battling from quaint country villages to bustling seaside ports before finally storming the castles and cities of England. 

Death Inc's fluid control mechanic allows you to quickly and simply paint orders directly in the world for your horde to follow. Use broad brush strokes from afar to direct large swathes of infected, or zoom right in for pencil sharp accuracy. 

In between all the reaping, Grim T. Livingstone returns to the Nether, Death Inc's base of operations. This begins humbly, but you'll soon need to expand it to cope with the needs of an international reaping corporation. Harvested souls are the currency of the Nether. Spend them to upgrade troops and abilities, or to renovate your base of operations and make a personal statement about the business. Office furniture not only looks snazzy but can modify your in-game abilities too. 

(Gameplay Video)



If any more big name games come up in the month they will be added, this will be updated with everyday/ 2 days.

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PROJECT AWAKEND looks good but its a PC only game right?

Death Inc looked pretty sweet when I checked it yesterday. They learned their trade at Media Molecule too ;o. Will read up on the other one in a few!

Goal of 500k is not AAA.....

http://gamrconnect.vgchartz.com/profile/92109/nintendopie/ Nintendopie  Was obviously right and I was obviously wrong. I will forever be a lesser being than them. (6/16/13)

Otakumegane said:
Goal of 500k is not AAA.....

I think these goals are not for the actual development of the games, they're just used to get the interest of a big publisher.

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i like this idea. i've alway wanted a game like this.

Death Inc game planned release is too soon, never going to make that date unless the game is made and they just need publshing costs.