If you have never played, or don't like Metroid games, why?

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Have you ever played a Metroid game?

Yes and I liked/loved it. 33 78.57%
Yes and I didn't like it. 3 7.14%
No but I would like to. 3 7.14%
No but I don't want to. 3 7.14%

I played Metroid 2 for GB years ago and it was one of the most boring games i have ever played, that was my first exposure to Samus. played Metroid Prime to see what all the fuss was about, and it was one of the most boring games i have ever played. It was like a really dull FPS. Played Hunters and it was alright, it was on the wrong damn system IMHO. Played Other M and i actually thought it was cool, never saw the hate for that one. wait NVM i got it.

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Metroid Prime 1 is in my top 5 all-time favourite games list. Absolutely outstanding.

I played Metroid Prime and Metroid Prime 3 - found them very slow and boring and could never get into them. Do intend to try again at some point, but I've a ton of great games to get to so it may never happen.

Tried Super Metroid - it's okay but didn't grab me either.

Loved Metroid: Other M.


I love all metroid games!; but I do get that some people don't like because it's not the regular fps where you only have to shoot anything that moves, you know call of duty style

I like the 2D ones but hate the 3D ones. The 2D ones I don't think are fantastic games, but good to play every few years for a few hours. The 3D ones I find slow compared to the other games, movement and shooting is sluggish and clumsy, and I don't like the first person view and how you can't actually see your character. Overall, I do find all of the games in the series a little empty and dull, but I find that is true with most similar games, particularly FPSs like Doom and Quake which I hate even more.

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I loved fusion when I got it as an ambassador, so I got prime trilogy and expected to be blown away. But sadly, I didn't. Te music was fantastic, but it lacked the thing that I loved with fusion. In fusion the game gave you a bit more directions, I felt. This game was like, oh, spawn here, and now were do I go? I figgured it out eventually, but I liked the fact that you got a little push in fusion, but still not to much.

You have to keep in mind that the metroid series isn't and was never that popular in Japan. Super Metroid was very controversial.



No one I knew played Metro when I was a kid. I had never heard of it until I was an adult. When I first saw it being played by my brother I thought it looked boring. Now, I might like it easily, but there are tons of old games I have not played that I might not like. Nothing about the series makes it seem more special than tons of other games.

Super metroid is a great game. The prime games are good atleast the first 2... never played 3. While it has a lot of cool puzzle elements, and atmosphere, it's still quite clumsy console FPS. and Metroid 3 looked outdated when released because it was on wii.

It's possible the trilogy fixed the clumsyness because of wiimote, however it's overpriced currently.

There are a lot of people who talk about Other M, Prime 3,Fusion and hunters. I don't mean to bash your tastes, but those three games really have very little Metroid in them. The games that you should play first if you want to get into the series are: Prime 1 and Prime 2, Zero Mission, Super Metroid. Then you should play Prime 3 and Fusion. Don't touch Other M with a stick, it's incredibly terrible, and a disgrace.

Also, the original 2 are way to dated to really play anymore. They are good for long time fans to add to their collection, but really not that good anymore.