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BTW - for last couple of days, Viva Pinata Party Animals has been on the top ten list.

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HDDVD has gone down to $45, but they are out of stock.
Naruto Rise of Ninja is now only $40. I played this game, it's fun.

Turok is now only $40.
Is it worth it?
Not for me.

amazon is not close of being a good indicator for games.
Xbox 360 was not even on the top 100 bestseller list most of last week and 360 sold over 100k.

but the sales are good at times.

Timeshift (360) for $29 March 4

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The simpsons game is $40 for every system except wii which is $50 and ds which is $30.

Lair $38.99

Eye of Judgment for PS3 is $44.99.

March 13 - Rock Band PS2 $29.99

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SKate for PS3 $39.99

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