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5. radishhead
4. ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||1|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| :P
3. Kyliedog
2. Dodece
1. WiiBox3 (I don't really know you that well. sorry. :/)

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5p - radishhead (where is carrothead?)
4p - |||||The1||||| (numba one ;O?)
3p - WiiBox3 (where you been woman D:)
2p - KylieDog
1p - Dodece

Top 2 were hard, third was easy cause he needs to be moar active! Last two no idea who the hell they are.


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5p Radish
4p Kylie
3p Dodece
2p The1
1p Wiibox

TheKingofRedLions said:

5p - radishhead
4p - |||||The1|||||
3p - WiiBox3
2p - KylieDog
1p - Dodece

is this the last round?

I was wondering the same thing.  How many rounds is there going to be?

5p The1 (It's only naturaly for The1 to get number 1)
4p radishhead
3p dodece
2p WiiBox3
1p KylieDog

5p - IIIThe 1III ( I know that radish is going to get through and I want to make sure that this guy does as well)
4p - radishhead (He has a girlfriend now and this gives him cool points)
3p - Kylie Dog ( a real cranky person, but I appreciate his posts)
2p - dodece ( I would leave a really, really long comment but don't have the time)
1p-  Wii Box 3 ( Where are you?)

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5p: radishhead - Really awesome guy who's been active the whole year. A great asset to the community indeed.
4p: Dodece - At first, all that I saw from this guy was wall upon wall of text. Not that I've actually started to read them I must say this is one of the funniest and most knowledgeable users on this site.
3p: KylieDog - Another active user. Can't say I agree with everything he says, but that simply makes reading his posts more interesting.
2p: WiiBox3 - Not the most active of the bunch. Out of the posts that I did see from him I recall some of them being funny though.
1p: IIIIITHE1IIIII - How the fuck did this guy even qualify?

Oh, I didn't realize we were doing this contest again.

5p: Kylie
3p: WiiBox3
2p: radishhead
1p: Dodece

5p - The1
4p - Radishhead
3p - Dodece
2p- Kyliedog
1p - WiiBox3

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5p Radish (Great mod and good Mafia friend xD)
4p |||The 1||| (was going to put the 1 first but i want mod brownie points or is it pony points? xD)
3p Kyliedog
2p Wiibox3
1p dodece

5p - Kylie
4p - Radish
3p - The1
2p - Dodece
1p - Wiibox3