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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Famitsu's Top 30 Most Wanted

Surprised to see Pikmin 3 so high up the list and also GTA 5, didn't know Japanese liked that game. Kinda worrisome to see DQ X so low, I guess most core fans of the franchise already played the game on the Wii.

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Good list, arrangement is a bit iffy but a good list.


Here lies the dearly departed Nintendomination Thread.

Pokemon will rape everything....including MH4 and DQVII

ff versus below ff10 lol.....thats just wrong.

The Last Remnant was a good game. They just need to stomp the technical issues and it would do decent on PS3 in Japan I bet.

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Wow at Grand Theft Auto V. That's really interesting. They need to do a GTA/Yakuza crossover, it would own the Japanese charts.

Also, very impressed to see Soul Sacrifice, a new IP, up that high. Expectations are enormous, hope it delivers. Any other new IPs even close?

Nice to see The Last of Us make the list, as well.

Glad to see plenty of Final Fantasy on that list.

GTAV and The Last of Us are the two games on that list I care for.

I'm surprised to see western developed titles on there. Nice list and I think things are looking up for the Vita if some of it's games can make it on a top 30 list. Hopefully it will have more games on the top 20 and at least one game in the top 10.

Well, this was very interesting, thank you! Not surprised at the top 3 at all, all gonna be big in Japan.

I am more surprised at some of the other entries. As other people have mentioned, GTA5 seems really high. Good for it, though, it's looking awesome. I'm really pleased to see Soul Sacrifice so high too, and Shining Ark even higher!

It's amusing that Final Fantasy X HD and Final Fantasy Versus XIII, two titles with stalled development timetables, are more anticipated than Lightning Returns despite the huge info dump we had on it recently. Goes to show how far out of touch Squeenix are lately.

Surprised to see Photo Kano Kiss on there too. It was only announced recently, so I guess that's why it showed up.