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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Pokemon X/Y Contest! Whats Sylveon Base Stats and What Type Is It?


What Type Is Nenfia?

Normal 31 32.63%
Flying 11 11.58%
Ground 2 2.11%
Fighting 3 3.16%
Light 15 15.79%
Sun 1 1.05%
Moon 0 0%
Some other Old Type 4 4.21%
A new Type (not light/sun/moon) 21 22.11%

So What Is Sylveon Base Stats? Give A Number In Every Stat! Remember Each Eeveelution has a...

130, 110, 95, 65, 65, 60 = 525 BST (HP/Atk/etc)

This will be a Prediction Contest which you can enter now intill Feb 1st (unless i say otherwise). It will have a point system to determine how much/well you've predicted! [Winner(s) will recieve item(s) from me Via trade when the games come out, such as a Master Ball]

Each of the post i make will be its own predictions that you make on each subject! Some will have specific rules so pls read them.
Winner is whoever reaches the highest points of all the predictions combined.
↓Here is the point system↓

★Eeveelution Type★ (note this one most likely will have eeveelutions so will predict 2)
1point= Guess the eeveelution type, Everyone gets Two Answers each!!!

★Psuedo Legendary Type★
5points For the Exact Typing (Wont count if you say Dragon/flying and its Dragon/Electric)
(Also if its Pure meaning just one type and you Said one of the types when you listed Two it wont count)
If by chance there are 2 (like Gen 3) Psuedo Legendary's, as long as you get one you'll the points!

★Legendary Mascot Type★
↑Same Rules as above↑5 points each
This is for guessing the new legendary mascots typing!

★Starters Secondary Type★
This will be 2Points each! Guess the starters Secondary Type when Fully Evolved, If you Answer Pure and guess correct thats also 2 points! Remember this is for each starter! Max points here is 6 you can earn!

★Cross Generation Pokemon★ Everyone gets only 3 guesses!
This one is a little complicated so listen up! This is for Pokemon Generations 1-5, in this you will guess a pokemon Evo, Cross Evo, or if it will get a baby! There will be a limit of three pokemon, you can say 3 Babys, 3 Evos, or mix them up! Here is the point Value for this

2p=Evolution (Ex: You say Weezing and then revealed it has an Evo form)
3p=Split Evo (Ex: You say Flaffy and it gets a split evolution into Amphoros and a new pokemon)
4p=Baby (Ex: You say Onix and it gets a baby form)

Extra 1point= for every pokemon you guess right typing (Ex Luvdisc and you said it evolves into a water/electric) or (dunsparce and you said it will stay normal)

<<<<>>>> because it gets its own post thread!

[Note if you say none will be you'll get 5points if your correct]

Good luck to you all, and take your time especially with the cross generation pokemon post! Just post or send me a PM and i'll upload everyone's (yours) answer to the corresponding post!!!

Have fun

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★★★★★Eeveelution Type★★★★★

007BondAgent (Ghost ⇔ Poison

Aielyn (Drag⇔Fly

Aikohuaido (Dragon ⇔ Ghost

BasilZero (Rock ⇔ Steel

Busted (Steel ⇔ Pois

Carl2291 (Fight ⇔ Flying

Gatito (Ghost ⇔ Drag

James ( Drag ⇔ Ground

KHlover (Drag ⇔ Rock

ktay95 (Flying ⇔ Ground

KungKras (Rock ⇔ Steel

Lelouch_Vi_Brittania (Ground ⇔Dragon

lestatdark (Fly ⇔ Bug

MANUELF (Bug ⇔ Steel

newwil7l (Steel⇔Pois

NintendoPie (Drag⇔Fight

Otakumegane (Light ⇔ Fighting

Pavolink (Nor ⇔ Fire

Rhonin the Wizard (Drag ⇔ Nor

Supermariodance (Ground ⇔ Fight

Tbone51 (Poison ⇔ Ground

Tyson (Light ⇔ Poison

★★★★★Starters Secondary Type★★★★★

007BondAgent (Grass/Normal ⇔ [Fire] ⇔ Water/Ice

Aielyn ((Grass/Fight ⇔ Fire/Psy ⇔ Water/Dark

Aikohuaido (Grass/Fight ⇔ [Fire] ⇔ Water/Poison

Augen (Grass/Fight ⇔ [Fire] ⇔ [Water]

BasilZero (Grass/Dark ⇔ Fire/Psy ⇔ Water/Fight

Busted (Grass/Dark ⇔ [Fire] ⇔ [Water]

Carl2291 (Grass/Dark ⇔ Fire/Psy ⇔ Water/Fight

Gatito (Grass/Ground ⇔ Fire/Psy ⇔ Water/Ice

James (Grass/Dark ⇔ Fire/Psy ⇔ Water/Poison

KHlover (Grass/Fight ⇔ Fire/Psy ⇔ Water/Pois

ktay95 (Grass/Fight ⇔ [Fire] ⇔ Water/Flying

KungKras (Grass/Ground ⇔ Fire/Elec ⇔ Water/Fight

Lelouch_Vi_Brittania (Grass/Ground ⇔ Fire/Psykic ⇔ [Water]

lestatdark (Grass/Fight ⇔ [Fire] ⇔ Water/Ice

MANUELF ( Grass/Fight ⇔ Fire/Psy ⇔ Water/Dark

newwil7l (Grass/Dark ⇔ Fire/Psy ⇔ Water/Fight

NintendoPie (Grass/Rock ⇔ Fire/Psy ⇔ Water/Fight

Otakumegane (Grass/Ground ⇔ Fire/Psykic ⇔ Water/Flying

Pavolink (Grass/psy ⇔ Fire/Ground ⇔ Water/Fight

Rhonin the Wizard ([Grass] ⇔ Fire/Psy ⇔ Water/Ice

Supermariodance ( Grass/Ground ⇔Fire/Fight ⇔ Water/Poison

Tbone51 (Grass/Fighting ⇔ Fire/Light ⇔ Water/Poison

Tyson (Grass/Rock ⇔ Fire/Light ⇔ Water/Poison

★★★★★Legendary Mascot Type★★★★★

Aielyn (X=Fight/Nor ⇔ Fight/Fly=Y

Aikohuaido (X=Fight/Nor ⇔ Drag/Fly=Y

Augen (X=Grass/Psy ⇔ Dark/Fly=Y

BasilZero (X=Grass/Water ⇔ Fire/Fly=Y

Busted (X=Psy/Steel ⇔ Dark/Fly=Y

Carl2291 (X=Grass/Psy ⇔ Ghost/Fly=Y

Gatito (X=Water/Ground ⇔ Fire/Fly=Y

James (X=Dark/Fire ⇔ Grass/Psy=Y

KHlover (X=Dark/Ground ⇔ Fire/Fly=Y

ktay95 (X= Normal/Ground ⇔ Dark/Flying =Y

KungKras (X= Light/Ice ⇔ Dark/Fly=Y

Lelouch_Vi_Brittania (X=Light/Psykic ⇔ Dark/Fly =Y

lestatdark (X= Grass/Psy ⇔ Drag/Dark=Y

MANUELF (X=Steel/Grass ⇔ Dark/Fly=Y

newwil7l (X=Grass/Fight ⇔ Dark/Fly=Y

NintendoPie (X=Grass/Ghost ⇔ Ghost/Fly =Y

Otakumegane (X= Light/Grass ⇔ Dark/Flying =Y

Pavolink (X=Grass/Psy ⇔ Dark/Fire=Y

Rhonin the Wizard (X=Psk ⇔ Fire/Fly=Y

Supermariodance (X=Grass/Ground ⇔ Drag/Fly=Y

Tbone51 (X= Light/Fight ⇔ Shadow/Flying =Y


★★★★★Psuedo Legendary Type★★★★★

Aielyn (Dark/Psy

Aikohuaido (Drag/steel

Augen (Drag/Ghost

BasilZero (Dark/Psy

Busted (Ghost/Fire

Carl2291 (Drag/Fire

Gatito (Psy/Dark

James (Light/Drag

KHlover (Psy/Drag

Ktay95 (Fire/Poison

KungKras (Elect/Psy

Lelouch_Vi_Brittania (Light/Drag

lestatdark (Drag/Fire

NintendoPie (Drag/Psy

MANUELF (Drag/Fire

newwil7l (

Otakumegane (Drag/Fight

Pavolink (Elect

Rhon the Wizard (Drag/Elect

Supemariodance (Drag/Ground

Tbone51 (Pois/Fight


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★★★★★Cross Generation Pokemon★★★★★

↑ = Evo
↓ = Baby
¥ = Split Evo
(If i dont put typing means that its the same type as the pre or evo)
Also an answer can be N/A which means none!

Aielyn (↑Jynx◆↓Miltank/Tauros◆↑Mawile (steel/dark)

Aikohuaido (↑Audino◆↑Pachirusu◆↑Emolga

Augen [N/A]

BasilZero (↑Tentacruel◆↑Rapidash◆¥Kirlia [Psy/Dark]

Busted [N/A]

Carl2291 (↓Audino◆↑Bisharp◆↑Pachirusu

Gatito (↓Lapras◆↑Absol◆↑Xatu

James (↓Lapras◆↓Druddigon◆↓Sneasel

KHlover (↓Machamp◆¥Porygon◆↓Ralts

Ktay95 (↑Dunsparce Nor/Fly ◆↓Absol ◆¥Combee

KungKras (↑Unknown◆↑Pachirusu◆↑Snorlax

Lelouch_Vi_Brittania (↑Pachirusu◆↑Emolga◆↓Murkrow

lestatdark (↑Delibird◆↑Heracross◆↓Sneasel [Dark]

MANUELF (↑Jynx◆¥Buneary◆↓Druddigon

newwil7l (↑Lapras◆↑Quagsire◆↑Weezing

NintendoPie (↑Pachirusu◆¥Magikarp◆???

Otakumegane [N/A]

Pavolink (↓Porygon◆¥Pikachu◆

Rhonin the Wizard [N/A]

Supermariodance [N/A]

Tbone51 ???

Tyson (¥Kirlia Pskic/Light◆↓Sawk ◆↑Mawile

☆☆☆☆☆ All Users Total Points ☆☆☆☆☆

↓ Points ↓ Users ↓

0 =points ★ 007BondAgent ★
0 =points ★ Aielyn ★
0 =points ★ Aikohuaido ★
0 =points ★ Augen ★
0 =points ★ BasilZero ★
0 =points ★ Busted ★
0 =points ★ Carl2291 ★
0 =points ★ Gatito ★
0 =points ★ James ★
0 =points ★ KHlover ★
0 =points ★ Ktay95 ★
0 =points ★ KungKras ★
0 =points ★ Lelouch_Vi_Brittania ★
0 =points ★ lestatdark ★
0 =points ★ MANUELF ★
0 =points ★ newwil7l ★
0 =points ★ NintendoPie ★
0 =points ★ Otakumegane ★
0 =points ★ Pavolink ★
0 =points ★ Rhonin the Wizard ★
0 =points ★ Supermariodance ★
0 =points ★ Tbone ★
0 =points ★ Tyson ★

<<< Announcement Thread >>>

Chespin ~Grass
Fenniken ~Fire
Froakie ~Water

☆Mascot Legendary☆

X= Xerneas
Y= Yveltal

Delicious idea! I'll get this going.

Eeveelution- gonna have to say Light type or a Fighting type.





Ok Cross-gen

Baby version of Lapras

An evolution to Absol.

Aerodactayl Evo.

Grass to Grass/ground

Fire to Fire/psychic

Water to Water/Flying Nintendopie  Was obviously right and I was obviously wrong. I will forever be a lesser being than them. (6/16/13)

Otakumegane said:
Delicious idea! I'll get this going.

Eeveelution- gonna have to say Light type or a Fighting type.





(Will work on later!)

Grass to Grass/ground

Fire to Fire/psychic

Water to Water/Flying

Ok the thread is open for business!!! First customer lol!!! Take your time with your answers especially the Cross gen!!! I'll post your answers soon thanks for joining in!