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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - WiiU Black Ops 2 VGChartz Players

bonkers555 said:

I really want to get BO2 for my WiiU and try out the new community. 360 CoD community is challenging but the racist kids annoy me while the PS3 CoD community are nicer but they are garbage players. I might get the WiiU version soon to see.

That happened to me with Halo, it was such a big turn off, I never played with my xbox360 since and canceled my xboxlive subscription.  It was such a relief that Miiverse was pretty much lots of interesting doodles and not one self absorbed kid talking trash.  But the same can't be said when it came to sports on TVii.  Absolutely zero trash talking and all compliments made the chats seem less like an NBA game and more like lawn bowling.

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I'm usually on BO2 on Wii U add me, Kuramakun is my ID

I suck at FPS, and I don't usually play online at all, though I -am- very interested in trying a 60fps HD shooter with Wiimote-Nunchuck and MotionPlus support, and settings out the wazoo.

Maybe some time next month.