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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - WiiU Black Ops 2 VGChartz Players

Anyone from here interested in getting a group together for some Free-for-All games?

Have some fun, trade tips for weapons and options, etc.

I have tried to join people in their games, but it always tells me the server is full, so I am hoping someone here knows how to make this work.


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How many BO 2 WiiU players are there? Does the WiiU say?

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I really want to get BO2 for my WiiU and try out the new community. 360 CoD community is challenging but the racist kids annoy me while the PS3 CoD community are nicer but they are garbage players. I might get the WiiU version soon to see.

I'd be interested, but I haven't worked my way to BO 2, so perhaps in a month.

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I have BO2, but I'm just learning and my skills are terrible. I expect to be good in time. I would be up for games.

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I only play BLOPS2 single player myself. Online hasn't been very fun for me. I'd rather enjoy local multiplayer.

That said, I'd be down for some VGChartz matches. Is there anyway to make it just us and prevent anyone else from joining?

@Ryan when I've been playing online there have been at least several thousand and match making has been quick.

TheLastStarFighter said:
I have BO2, but I'm just learning and my skills are terrible. I expect to be good in time. I would be up for games.

how have you been playing multiplayer?

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Myself, I been doing it on the gamepad whilst in bed ahaha,



Actually I've been playing a little with game pad but then pro controller. I really like the pro. The pad is probably the best console interface to date but I hadn't used pro yet and it is outstanding. I wish it could be used on Mario Bros. Regardless, i think I'll try wiimote soon but i sense pro will be my go-to for blops.

I use Wiimote exclusively. No way I'm going back to dual analog so long a Wiimote + Nunchuk is an option.