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I dont think MGS4 is the system seller most people make it out to be...

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Either way for the first month of so the 360 should dominate simply due to the larger user base. Life time sales is really going to have more to do with how quickly prices drop.

I have to go with the 360 version, since the 360 has a much larger install base than the playstation 3 in North america were most of the games install base lies.


 2008 end of year predictions:

PS3: 22M

360: 25M

wii: 40M

If I'm reading the front page correctly, there's 7.24 million more 360's in consumer's hands than PS3's. There's no way it will sell better on the PS3.

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Yeah Xbox will beat it overall but PS3 will win in Others.

Xbox 360 version, just because of their user base. but I'll be picking up the PS3 version :)

The quality of the extra content will decide the fate of sales. If the additional content rocks it could become a system seller for 360. If the content is average or below average then it will only be a wash with PS3.

Since Microsoft paid $50 million for the content, they must see something great in it. I hope it is.

I think it's possible that PS3 Could sell more GTA than the 360 however it's likely the 360 will sell more. I think the PS3 will have a better attatch rate however.

We've discussed this twice before.