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Will you buy Lightning Returns?

My money is ready! 28 53.85%
Maybe later... 8 15.38%
No, I want Sleeping Cats 16 30.77%

When I woke up this morning, I was surprised to see those (very attractive) ads on the boarders of my computer screen.

Lightning Returns is due to come out (much?) later in 2013. Does that mean SquareEnix is preparing a big long ad campaign to promote the game?

It's almost surrealistic : for how much I do look forward to this title, when you look at the bigger picture such an investment makes no sense financially speaking. I mean, FFXIII-2 sold like 40% of FFXIII, which was already down from the FF Golden Age. Nor did it make a strong impression this year : it rarely appears in nominees lists and for most people it doesn't seem to have fixed FFXIII's "problems" (whatever they are). And now there is this LR trailer. Although I fell in love with the new design, I can't say it was very convincing for those who dropped the series. On French forums, few people seemed actually excited about it. 

It's hard to believe that LR could even maintain the level of sales that FFXIII-2 achieved. Besides, the (remaining) FFXIII die-hard fans (such as myself) and the ones furiously in love with Lightning (such as myself) probably got up in the middle of the night on Sept. 1st to watch the reveal conference and ticked all the days in the 2013 calendar already.

So, what do you think? Will those ads save the Lightning saga or is it just SE digging its deficit?

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Used, at dirt cheap.

dahuman said:
Used, at dirt cheap.

Oh, I forgot to mention that : in French video games stores FFXIII-2 actually costs LESS than FFXIII (19€ vs 25€, not used).

I see those ads every time I visit VGCharts, they are seriously starting to annoy me...

"The last game you will ever play."

Does that mean it's going to be so disappointing that it will burn out people of gaming in general?

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The ad is covering the OP on my tablet. But I agree. Another horrible business decision by ioi.

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I am so excited I love ff13 series, and lighting. Will buy lighting returns on launch day. :)





Best ads eva.

Square Enix has no idea what they're doing. The fact that they even green lit a sequel to XIII-2 is alarming.

It's going to sell around 2M copies, probably, while not being all that expensive to make, relatively speaking. I see no problems. A lot of games would love to sell at that level. It's not going to sell like the main entries, of course, but no spin-off ever will. I guess they could fire a lot of their staff and just churn out main series releases, though I'd prefer to have them years apart.

As far as the ads, I don't really know. It's probably more of a small preliminary campaign to generate buzz and get people aware. They'll start up again closer to release.