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Yes, I said DS. I am an American studying in the UK. I decided to bring my DS with me, as it was not region locked. I have some decent local shops that have a used selection. I have already bouht some  games, but i'm looking for the games that I can't get back home. I understand that most of the games are probably going to be crap. I want them a much for the novelty vaue as the game play. If there are some decent game I would love to hear it, but don't feel ashamed to shout out the bad ones.


games I own:

Mr. Bean

Pass Your Driving Theory Test

Games I am aware of:

Telly Adicts

2 Doctor Who Titles (I haven't seem them physically yet, just online)

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Freshly Picked: Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland

That's the only game I have played. I own it, and it's quite fun game. Also, I think there was at least some twisted imagination at work when this game was made.

is this a joke thread?

No, I started a thread so that people could help me find games that were not released outside of the UK/EU. Guru Larry is kinda haphazard and is just as likely to review some old obscure system that I don't have. Had you actually bothered to look at my profile you'd see I've actually been a member for some time. I have a large library, which does include the games I mentioned. I just like collecting weird games that I can't get back home. I am here for school, but do have enough time to do some gaming. I can find games released in the us at any time. I can only find games released in UK/EU easily while I am here. Back home i'd have to pay outrageous shipping or be reliant on whatever ebay randomly has.

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One game comes to mind... Sailor Moon: La Luna Splende. I don't know if you can find it in the UK though, as it was apparently released in Italy only.

It's quite a rare case, given how it's based on a very popular anime, yet only released there. There's many examples of Japanese games that have being localized to Europe and not America, but I don't know of any other that's based on a Japanese IP and is only released in Europe. The gameplay is probably mediocre at best though...

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One that I very much like, and the first that came to my mind is Last Window: The Secret of Cape West, which is the sequel to Hotel Dusk: Room 215, another DS gem you should play. If you like adventure/visual novel type games, of course.

Cing, a Nintendo-loyal company that is now sadly bankrupt, released another great European/Japanese exclusive, this one for the Wii, which is Another Code R, a sequel to one of their DS games. You should pick up that one too.

Oh, I forgot that you can just use Wikipedia for this... The list of DS games includes in which region was the game released. Just keep in mind that the "PAL" region also includes Australia, and that there might be a few cases like Chronos Twins, where the game is released through retail on one region and as a DSiWare download on another.

To give you an example, there's a few Asterix games in there, none of them released in America/Japan.

Thank you for your suggestions. I honestly forgot about this thread when I didn't see many responses right away. I do appreciate the help in finding the resources to track down the games as well as recommendations for games that are worth playing.

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