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*VGChartz Holiday Avatar Thread*!!!

Season's greetings! 85 100.00%

I came here because I saw your sig. I want to join in the holiday festivitiesssss...

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Whoa, lots of people waiting, next year I'll preorder it :D

I don't think my curret avatar is appropriate for Christmas, so I'll change to something better suited for it (and easier):

I want a holiday avatar!

(Preferably one with Reggie in it)

JoeTheBro said:
Sign me up!

I hope his hat doesn't go up in flames!

Do me please!

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ninetailschris said:
Can you make a link avatar with Santa hat... any will do.

Any Link? How about this one?

Thank you!

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Metrium said:
I'd love to have one pretty plzz :)

Have a creepy Christmas!

Carl2291 said:
Im using last Years.

Thanks again, miz

No problem, glad you like it :p

I'm game.