Forums - Gaming Discussion - The Wii U not selling just proves what people hate and will never admit: Graphics are king in gaming!

Yup, I knew the Wii U wouldn't be a success and now it's freely in stock on and the European launch is apparantely even more lackluster.


And do you know why I KNEW Wii u wouldn't be a success? No graphics! No improvement on PS3 and 360.


People HATE this idea and always get mad about it, when will people realize it's THE TRUTH. Whether they like it or not!


Dont bring up these stupid arguments, I've heard them all a million times before:

"Bubu Vita/PSP is powerful than 3DS/DS and doesn't sell lol you got pwned"

-Because handhelds are NOT like consoles! handhelds will never have great graphics anyway! It is true graphics dont matter as much IN HANDHELDS.

"Bubu Wii"

-And? Guess what, PS3+360 together outsold Wii EASILY. Guess what, more people own a console with good graphics (either a PS3 or a 360) than own a Wii (never mind software sales, which are probably like twice as much for PS360 combined). Therefore guess what, GRAPHICS WON. Besides that, Wii tapped the CASUAL market where graphics dont matter. And which also seems fickle judgng by how the Wii had a fad-like existence. So yes, if your console can tap the fad/casual market, then you dont need graphics.

"bubu PS2>Xbox"

-BUT PS2 was still a good, graphically rich console. AND Xbox did really well relative to it's expectations, which I would argue it wouldn't have if it hadn't been powerful. I would also argue that had that gen gone on twenty years, yes, Xbox WOULD have eventually won because it was MORE POWERFUL.

"bubu 360>PS3" "Bubu PS1>n64"

-But they were all graphically rich consoles and further I would argue n64 wasn't better than Ps1 (Ps1 had graphically rich games like tekken and Ridge Racer>anything on N64, it also had a big advantage in CD media) and you can argue the same on 360, most multiplatform games ran BETTER on 360 than PS3. Anyways, the point remains the graphics difference was not huge in all those cases.


And further, why can PS3 people make 7000 million posts on the internet about, WOW UNCHARTED/GOD OF WAR/HEAVY RAIN/KILLZONE/BEYOND/LAST OF US/WHATEVER EXCLUSIVE WERE PIMPING THIS WEEK LOOKS SO FLOPPING AMAZING, and somehow thats ok, yet the internet still says "bubu graphics dont matter". Which is it? You cannot have it both ways, internet!




Wii U is not going to sell for ONE reason, ONE reason everybody will never admit, BECAUSE ITS GRAPHICS GRAPHICS GRAPHICS ARE NOT ENOUGH!!!! WAKE UP PEOPLE! GRAPHICS!


-Mr Khan

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Define success, and what would U have to achieve for you to consider it a success?

I need to set the goalposts with you now because otherwise this thread will be full of fail.

PS2 was the weakest console of last generation, and it was also (by a landslide) the best selling. Wii was the weakest console of this generation, and it still is (and will likely remain) the best selling.

- Reported for dangerously excessive levels of ignorance

fallen, huh

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But I think this is a joke thread tho.

Jay520 said:
- Reported for dangerously excessive levels of ignorance

yes, i know everybody is going to deny this, and it's not going to stop the wii u from failing and everybody pretending graphics arent why it did.


Jay520 said:
But I think this is a joke thread tho.

I guess the 500 million posts in the Sony forum (perhaps I should link a few?) and youtube about how incredbly amazing ps3 exclusive zyz looks are jokes too.


Oh look, here's one thread about that now


The internet is hypocritical on this subject.

If the Wii was a failure, then I don't think failing is so bad.

The PS2 and Wii's success contradicts this. It boils down to the price and library of games all the time.

Once Nintendo brings out Smash Bros and Mario Kart watch the sales roll in. I don't foresee it matching the success of the Wii though.