Forums - PC Discussion - Third "Annual" Steam Secret Santa: Join by December 20!

I will be joining too~

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Would love to contribute. Post your e-mails and wishlists and you might be pleasantly surprised.

I think it might be better to have this thread when the Steam christmas sales draw nearer.

noname I just can't quit you, of course I'll join up!

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Damn. Sounds like an amazing idea, but... maybe next year. No money to spare D:

Edit: Mostly annual?

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Yeah, why don't we wait for the Christmas sale? We could be giving 3 or more games for $10 :O

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Either way, I want to join

This is a good idea, I might join in, maybe

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I will join, my Steam ID is SilentNightmare

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I'm in.

Steam ID is the same as my username.

I'd love to take part.

We should all add each other on Steam so we can see what our giftee owns and what sorts of games they would enjoy, without revealing the identity of their Santa.

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