Forums - PC Discussion - Third "Annual" Steam Secret Santa: Join by December 20!

Welcome one and all to the third (mostly) annual Steam Secret Santa event!  If you're eligible to join, please do.  If you have any questions, just ask me, and I'll get back to you promptly.


The event is open to all members who have at least 100 posts (fewer posts may be acceptable: ask for details). You can join as late as December 20th. On the 21st, I will PM you the identity of your Tiny Tim and e-mail address/Steam ID of your Tiny Tim. Games will be sent out between December 21st and December 31st

Which game(s) to gift is entirely up to you, although you may request certain titles/genres, and I will pass those requests on to Santa.

As to how much you need to give, the minimum is $10 . But if you want to make someone's Christmas by dumping $50 worth of games on them, that's cool too! But remember: this is about spirit and community, so please join if it's at all feasible!


If you want to join, post in this thread and give me either your Steam ID or e-mail address and, if you want, a wishlist of games.  Thanks for joining!

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What if we already have in lots and lots of games and someone gives us a game we already have?

Edit: I guess that's what the wishlist is for?


I suppose I should join. Sounds like fun.

Hopefully, the person likes what I give to them, but more specifically, I like what the person gives to me.

Welcome aboard!

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sorry i don't have any money to spare right now.

Don't sweat it! Happy holidays!

Tagging this for later. =)

I'm in
I find it helps to fill out your wishlist, as that helps people give gifts that you actually want. Also I reccomend giving at least one ironic gift such as an awful game that no one would ever play or a game that you know they would hate, with actual gifts as well of course.

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I like that idea! It won't be mandatory, but methinks someone's gotta total stinker coming their way...