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coolguy said:
Nolan Bushnell, this guy is a joke with all the bad games that where out at the time he let the atair 2600 fail.

Would those be the same bad games Atari (unsuccessfully: see Atari v. Activision) tried to restrict from ever appearing on said 2600?

Of course, that's largely irrelevant re: Bushnell, as he left Atari in 1978...

thekitchensink said:
The fact that Nintendo just announced first-week sales as being 25% higher than the Wii's makes me lol at this guy.

They've announced that the Wii U's first week of sales is 400k...and that the Wii's sales on that same contemporaneous week (i.e. in its sixth year) is 300k.

Wii's launch week was 600k.

Nintendogamer said:
Let's see if Wii U will surpass Atari 5200 sales and this guy pongs.

Comparing the available markets, I'd be disgusted if they didn't.

Worth noting: Bushnell had nothing to do with the 5200, as that was developed several years after he left Atari.

Also worth noting: the Atari 2600 (which he is primarily, and recklessly, behind the creation of) was basically the Wii of its day.

Wyrdness said:
Not to knock Bushnell but he said something almost exactly the same about the Wii

If true, this would be a valid point.

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Crono141 said:
dahuman said:
Nem said:

This is funny: title "Wii U will be a failure!!!!1!1"

What he actually said: "current consoles already allows whatever game to be made so next gen is not gonna be relevant".

I guess the story sells better if the bashes the Wii U. Hating on Nintendo is the rad thing to do.

Then he must be really old and out of touch, consoles are so far behind again compared to PCs in power right now, like really far behind, they can do so much more with a good middleware on more powerful hardware to keep costs down.

I actually almost agree with his point.  Hardware has reached a point of diminishing returns.  However, I don't believe it is time to throw in the towel, and the biggest reason I think that is RAM requirements.  512 mb (PS360) is not enough to do "anything a developer could want".  But 1-4 gb sure is.

And don't tell me that the PC market proves me wrong.  If anything, it proves me right.  My wife has a Socket A athlon x2 and a 8600gt graphics card.  2 gig of ram.  Plays Skyrim just fine, and it looks as good or better than the PS3 and Xbox versions.  My computer is an Athlon II X4, and a 460gt graphics card.  It plays Skyrim just fine, and its just a little bit prettier.  For 2 of 3 times the cost in hardware.

Is the WiiU a bit underpowered?  Probably.  But I only see one or two generations of hardware left before it just becomes cost prohibitive to improve the experience by a noticable margin to justify the cost.  A console generation lasting 10 years will become the norm, not the exception.

This man speaks the truth, except when console manufacturers introduce new ways to play like game pad/kinect but IMO those will become add-ons to a system that was already built with the infrastructure to support it.

Few things, A he was a big part of Atari not being sustainable company it was just that he was a good business man that made that place function so when he left it broke down, B he has a company that deals with touch screen parlor games in bars so having the function at home like the Wii U is a direct competitor to what he has invested in, C the man is now back on the board of Atari a company that is failing to even meet solid release dates, and D in relation to the title he did not create pong he stole the idea just like many other ideas for the Atari, he just marketed it well, like I said a good business man.

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I'll wait for teh Analyst God to confirm all this, before believing Bushnell!

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