Forums - Sony Discussion - Well, all of my Vita info is gone.

Downloaded games, saves, pics, backgrounds--all of it is gone.

My kid decided to play the Vita while I was in the shower.  Forgot the password.  Logged in too many times, and then decided to format the console.  Some of the stuff, I should be able to get back.......I hope.  Right now, it's like a brand new console.  And I leave for work in nine minutes.

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That sucks :(

Dont you keep a backup of some of the stuff like movies/music/pictures/save files?

Not so sure about downloaded games but cant you re-download them again (since I hear there is a 2-3 download limit?) o.o.


Edit: I dont know how reliable it is or if its relevant in your case, but what about cloud storage for the Vita?


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Throw it away. I mean your kid.

Format your kid!


How can you format a console when you can't overcome the password hurdle?

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Well I guess you should at least be able to get back your downloaded games and the free stuff.

RolStoppable said:
How can you format a console when you can't overcome the password hurdle?

Too many login attempts can cause a format. I know it does for my old Blackberry.

It is amazing how children end up finding the "Reformat" button/option before the games....


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IF you have Ps Plus maybe the save data is stored in the cloud?

I'm sure your gf knew your password... they always do... they always do...


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