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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Wii U 'Has A Horrible, Slow CPU' Says Metro Last Light Dev

Roma said:

lol let's forget all the positive things about the power of the WiiU told to us by other devs!

Why did you edit your post?

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Train wreck said:
But Ill save the trouble

Hardcore Nintendo fans:

-Metro Last light is a has been FPS anyway
-LOLLLL THQ will be bankrupt anyway, thank god we dont get this trash
-Points to Darkstriders
-I only play Nintendo games on Nintendo Consoles duh
-Perfect example of a lazy developer

Current HD PS/360
If the Wii U cant get this game, they can forget about GTAV muahahahaha
Wii U underpowered...who knew?
Nintendo, welcome to the current generation.

Please feel free to add more...

My response would be this. It means wii u is unlikely to suffer more serious hardware issues which is a good thing. The xbox fanboys can continue to swallow microsoft's shoddy hardware and I'll be enjoying more robust hardware. Means any problems wii u has is probably in the first few units.

One more thing to complete my year = senran kagura localization =D

Train wreck said:
Roma said:

lol let's forget all the positive things about the power of the WiiU told to us by other devs!

Why did you edit your post?

Don't worry, I got it.

What's funny is that I don't see any butt hurt Sony fans in here. Just people agreeing with him.

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JGarret said:
Is this the first non anonymous developer who trashes the system?

No idea. It's hard to keep track of all the different opinions. One hails it as the second coming of Christ, another makes it sound more like the return of Satan...Gives you the impression that Nintendo has made a hundred vastly different versions of the system.

um... yeah.... you caught me

he.. he...


    R.I.P Mr Iwata :'(

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I think the two official developers are this one and Shin'en one positive, one negative.
Shin'en is a 2nd party (pretty much) Nintendo developer so they may be better adapt at coding for Nintendo than 4A Games

Let's be honest here.

It would be surprising if it broke 50k FW sales anyway (<--- Might be slightly exaggerated). They realized this and didn't want to waste the money.

Though whether the CPU actually is "horribly slow" is another discussion.

Wii U Game Looks a bit better on day one than another console which took seven years to reach that level

It’s times like this people forget what launch day Xbox 360 and PS3 games

Look Call Of Duty 2, an Xbox 360 launch game ????

Regardless of the developer´s incompetence, I can see the (high) possibility of a lot of (Western) developers treating the Wii U like the Wii once the next Xbox and PS4 are released.

At the end of the day, you get a Nintendo system for Nintendo games (and a handful of 3rd party exclusives)´s been that way since the N64, and in that aspect they´ll not disappoint...I think once we see the next 3D Mario, for example, a lot of people will be drooling over the visuals.

And it´s pretty clear as long as Iwata is at the helm, at least, Nintendo won´t be going back to having a beast of a console.

Technical information threads are always boring. How "powerful" a console is in technology is usually irrelavant to the sucess and quality of its games.
Look at Vita, its a beast compared to the 3DS. Does it make a difference? No. Ok, lets move on.