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I think Nintendo should exit hardware all together and create a Nintendo channel. That channel would be an app like Netflix and could be installed for free on any devices consoles/pcs/tablets/phones/smart tvs. They should charge a subscription for people to have their avatar and wander in Nintendo Land or something bigger. There you could buy Nintendo games from all of their past consoles with demos and all, you could play online and all that jazz.

I say this because I respect Nintendo (eventhough I don't buy their consoles anymore) and I think their games are very unique, everyone should be able to play their games. The vg market is becoming more and more spread open and put alongside other services on many devices. People don't want to buy one purpose device anymore and it pains me to see the likes of Nintendo putting non related gaming apps on their consoles, this, to me, takes away money they could put in more games development.

It doesn't bother me if Sony and MS do this because their business covers more than gaming. They also push possibilities in gaming further (don't hate me for saying this, it's the truth) by making consoles that are cutting edge which allows developers to use impressive engines (I hear ya PC gamers but consoles are different) with physics, graphics, control schemes and all. Nintendo thinks different and makes consoles to fit their criteria but by doing this, third parties lose interrest in making games for them. Most of the time they get shoddy ports and/or don't get them at all. In a market that sees development costs rising but also sees an expansion of it's demographic, third parties will try to put their games in as many hands as possible and try as much as they can to lower development costs leaving exotic consoles in the dust. Nintendo makes exotic consoles with non conventional control schemes and power. Third parties rarely use these controls efficiently resulting in bad games most of the time. On Nintendo consoles, people buy Nintendo games for a reason. It's like they release a console only for them not caring much for third parties.

With a channel, Nintendo would always be working with top notch hardware. I don't mean they should go the realistic graphic route. I would like to see what they could to with other devices/peripherals. I would like to see them use Kinect, tablets, phones etc. But they always seem to release consoles that are good for them and them only leaving third parties wondering why they should support these exotic controls when nobody buys their games on Ninty consoles.

What do you think?

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This is solid and plays on common stereotypes, but it lacks that "oomph" factor to really hit it out of the park.

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I disagree with you in a few areas but I don't care enough to argue points back and forth. I just have one question though: since when did tablet controls become exotic?

So, in short. Nintendo should go third larty?

So MS and Sony shouldn't do this because they make slightly less powerful PC's in console clothing (this is apparently pushing innovation) but Ninty should because they don't innovate.

I think you are confused and I'm speaking as a 360 and PS3 guy before Wii.

I think Sony should do this because they are skint and they are morphing into a software company anyway (games, Music, Movies). May as well just get on with it.

Oh... I'm sorry. This IS a comedy thread... isnt it?

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Nintendo are not leaving the console business anytime soon, they have no debt and billions of dollars in the bank. If you want to play their games, buy their console. Stop hoping that they fail so that you don't have to buy an extra console.

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It's actually kinda funny to read when Nintendo made the most money on the gaming front making their own hardware vs MS/SONY lol. If anybody should exit the hardware making ATM, it should be Sony, not Nintendo, based on the simple business decision that they can bring their IPs to other platforms as well after going in the red so damn much. It'd be more interesting to see MS vs Nintendo right now. Sony is not even really relevant in that equation even though they have some really good games.

Meh, sounds too complicated. They should just do what their investors want, and go iOS from now on. Clean, simple, and above all, guaranteed to be extremely profitable.

Yeah, and Ferrari should make their cars cheaper so they can expand their audience as well.

This is a terrible idea since they made the most money this past gen. Even GC made them shit loads of money. Imagine if they made a console that got good/great 3rd party support AND had their 1st party games... Sony and MS would go out of business ;P

And as for Nintendo going 3rd party... That's such a bad idea I don't even know where to begin describing how bad it is. I'll say this: 3rd party games don't sell on Nintendo console because of their games (apparently). Noe, imagine Nintendo games on any other console. This would mean that no one would buy any games other than Nintendo's and 1st party games wouldn't sell at all.

So there's no room for a 3rd party Nintendo since no one else would be able to sell any games at all. THAT'S the next video game crash!!

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