Who will win this holiday in North America?

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Who will win this holiday in North America?

Wii U 38 39.58%
Xbox 360 58 60.42%

On one hand, Wii U is a brand new console. On the other hand, Xbox 360 has Halo 4 and a price cut.

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360 will win once again. Too strong of line up. Plus halo!!!! @_@

Wii U will win only if their shipment numbers went up.

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Xbox probably. It's cheaper and has more games.


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The 360 probably. It was a lower price, Halo, CoD fans, and some extra weeks to sell.

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Xbox 360!!!

Based on Nintendo's forecast, we can expect around 3.5m Wii Us being shipped this holiday season. North America is the biggest market, so it's going to get the most consoles. About 1.5m while Japan and Europe each get around 1m.

With this in mind, you can reword the question to: Do you think the 360 will sell more than 1.5m units in North America this holiday season? It's hard to imagine that the 360 will fall short of that number.

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I don't think Nintendo manufactured enough Wii U's to outsell Xbox 360 in NA.


WiiU will be supply constrained.

360 should be around 4.5 to 5m.
Nintendo stated they will only produce/ship 5.5m by March31. That means prior to jan2013, you should only expect 3.5m to 4m at the most available to sell.

EDIT: aaahhh just realized this was NA only. I was referring to WW.

For NA only, it should still be 360 easily with the same constraint on WiiU. out of the 3.5m to 4m, you can't expect more than 2m to be in NA, probably between 1.5m and 2m. 360 should be able to hit 2.5m to 3m in NA alone as US is 360s core market by a lot.

360 will win hands down. The software line-up is really good. However, although not a home console, the 3DS should give a run for its money.