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UPDATE3: DLC costumes and other stuff now available from the NA Vita Store


Gunslinger - FREE

Taekwon Kid - FREE

Ninja - FREE


Archer's Apple - $0.99 (Ahhh yes...A RO classic!)

Bunny Hair Band - $0.99

Floppy Cat - $0.99

Majestic Horn - $0.99


Music Set 1 - FREE

Music SEt 2 - FREE

Music Set 3 - FREE


UPDATE2: EU Version releasing Feb 20! Game on!

UPDATE: Sorry guys, still no set EU release date, its still slated for "Winter" but the good news is that Gungho Enterntainment of America has now officially confirmed that Ragnarok Odyssey and Dokuro will be released across EU in winter and will be available for download via PSN. So, digital only confirmed. But who knows, they may change their mind and release it retail too.


EU Release date: Winter on PSN only.

Demo: The demo will be available same day as the game releases.


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thegamershub - 2/5

zocknowsgaming - 3.5/10

Ragnarok Odyssey is an Action RPG game roughly base on the Ragnarok online MMORPG game which are both loosely base on Norse Mythology. It is a fast paced action oriented game with RPG elements and can be most accurately be described as a “Monster Hunter” like game.

It was released in Japan on 2/2/2012 and an English Localized Version was released on 8/18/2012. Ragnarok Odyssey will be releasing in NA on 10/30/2012 and has been given a EU release window of Q4 and will hopefully be released before the end of the year. However, word fro XSEED is that GungHo may distribute it digitaly. This could mean that its PSN only or that they may be a retail version. No further updates are available, but since their goal is to release it by the end of the year, hopefully more info will be available soon..

We don’t have the rights to the European version, but GungHo America does, and they’ll be releasing it digitally in Europe!

Apparently, it has been confirmed that Ragnarok Odyssy will be PSN release only for EU and will be getting a Winter release...

Ragnarok Odyssey will be priced at $39.99. A mercenary edition will also be made available for $49.99 which will include the Ragnarok Odyssey game, a randomized 10 in game card pack, a sound track CD and a 92 page colored mercenary guide.


STORY: Since ancient times, mankind and the Sundered Land have always been divided by what was known as the “Millennium Peaks” – a range of mountains even a flying dragon couldn’t cross. Naturally, mankind had thus always been curious about what mysteries may lie beyond. And in an ironic twist of fate, that curiosity would be fulfilled in a most unwelcome way.

With a thunderous sound that shook the entire land, the Millennium Peaks came crumbling down, unveiling ancient ruins from the era of the gods. People could finally bear witness to what had been hidden away in the Sundered Land for countless ages – and unfortunately, it turned out to be thousands upon thousands of giants. It became immediately apparent that these were not friendly creatures as they mercilessly turned cities to rubble with mere swings of their gigantic arms, crushing families and histories alike.

Now, the kingdom of Rune Midgard is fighting valiantly for survival against these invaders. The war has been fierce thus far, with massive casualties, but the resilient humans have managed to keep the giants at bay – if only temporarily. In an effort to prevent any recurrence of this massive tragedy, those in power ordered an enormous fortified wall built at the entrance to the Sundered Land, to stand as a last barrier of hope and help fend off any inevitable future invasions.

The residents of the kingdom may never return to their once peaceful way of life, but they will fight for whatever measure of prosperity they can still find. Their one and only reason to be has been ingrained into every citizen and turned into a rallying cry that echoes throughout the land: “Fight against the giants, and survive!”


GAMEPLAY – Ragnarok Odyssey is a fast pace Action RPG that is, to most accurately describe it, a “Monster Hunter” like games. Players can create and customize their characters by choosing gender, hair color, hair style, skin color, face type, outfit color and of course job. Though in the beginning, only a hand full of outfits is available, more will be unlocked and available by progressing through the game and through DLC. Players can also further customize their characters through headgears which are again, similar to outfits; more are unlocked by progressing through the game.

The story is told through chapters for a total of 9 story chapters with each chapter having anywhere from 8-10 quests each. Players are tasks to take on quests that range from eradication of monsters, collecting materials, defeating giant monsters and defending your home. Each chapter culminates in a boss fight with powerful monsters. As players progress through each chapter, the difficulty increases, however, with the completion of each chapter, characters levels up increasing their stats allowing them to face the new threats with renewed will and determination.

Combat is fairly simple with a normal attack button, knockback/launch attack, jump, and dash button. Skills are activated by a combination of normal attack and knockback/launch attack. The combat is quite unique when compared to other games of its genera as the flow of the combat is more comparable to a hack and slash game.


JOBS: There are six distinct jobs available, each of which has a different method of combat and a different role to play in multiplayer

Sword Warrior – An excellent job for beginners, the Sword Warrior wields a massive blade with style and grace. Specializing in physical damage, the Sword Warrior may also utilize the size and durability of his/her weapon to guard against enemy attacks.

Hammer Smith – The hammersmith is a power fighter who wields an enormous drill hammer and specializes in close-quarters pulverization of anyone who dares to stand in his/her way. Although a bit slow and deliberate, the Hammersmith’s mighty attacks are in a league all their own.

Assassins – The most agile of all the job classes, the Assassin uses short-ranged daggers attached to both of his/her arms to attack, allowing for amazingly acrobatic feats of quick, deadly accuracy. Assassins are particularly well-suited to fight off swarms of enemies due to their unbelievable attack speed.

Mage – Although unfit for close-quarters combat due to low HP and defense, the Mage is virtually unbeatable when it comes to ranged attacks. Equip him/her with a staff and watch as the magic flies. Advanced Mage spells include wide area-of-effect attacks and supportive arias.

Cleric – As a man/woman of the cloth, the Cleric specializes in healing others and wielding a mace and shield for self-defense only, In fact, the Cleric’s defense is unmatchable, easily the best among all of his/her colleagues. And though physically weak, Clerics are able to counterattack when struck..if your timing is good, anyway.

Hunter – A long-range fighting specialist, the Hunter wields a bow and arrow with vicious aplomb. His/her primary function is to defeat monsters before they draw near enough to attack, and in fact one of the Hunter’s specialties is the ranged kill shot.



CARD SYSTEM: Ragnarok Odyssey uses a form of card system to enhance/strengthen your character. Cards are obtained from monsters as drops and each monster has a total of ten different cards of varying rarity. Normal cards are color blue and are the cards that are dropped the most often by monsters, rare cards are color yellowish/brown and are harder to come by and the rarest of cards are redish/pinkish in color and are very difficult to attain as you will have to farm them over and over again. Yes, this game is a grind fest.

Each card can give different skills, attributes and enhancements to your character. These enhancements can range from increasing attack power, enhancing jump height and even turning you into a walking unflinching tank…against normal monsters of course. There are cards that come with only one enhancement while there are others that have two. Of course, there are also cards that require some trade off. For example, there is a card that will boost your critical hit probability but will decrease your AP. Naturally, the rarer the card, the better skills it will offer.

The characters can equip up to 8 cards or until you reach the maximum cost that can be accommodated by your equipped outfit as each card has different costs requirements to equip it. For example, your character’s outfit can accommodate a total card cost of 40, you can equip 8 cards that have a cost of 5 or you can equip 4 cards that cost 10 each. As such, you must plan your cards carefully in order to get the best results possible.

With the card system, you can change your characters build with ease. You can turn your Sword Warrior into a walking tank with massive defense and lots of HP, or you can turn him/her into a damage dealing monster with high attack power and high critical rate probability. This is one of the unique things in Ragnarok Odyssey that is very appealing. You do not have to be constrained to just one build, you can make different builds and register them so that you can select your desired build at a whim.

Monsters aren't the only sources of cards in the game, each outfit comes with its own special cards. Cards can also be obtained by transforming weapons into cards. This is done by refining a weapon to its maximum. Once it has reached its maxium refinement, there is an option to turn this weapon into a card. Keep in mind however that once the weapon is turned into a card, the weapon is lost forever and is destroyed.

Speaking of changing builds, you can also change jobs without any hassle. Once you reach a certain portion of the story, which is quite early on, you can change jobs as you please, choosing what you best think will fit the mission.



WEAPONS/OUTFITS/HEADGEARS: In Ragnarok Odyssey, you can customize your character through different outfits and headgears, as well as strengthen your character’s attacks by equipping more powerful weapons

Headgears: To those who played Ragnarok Online, this will be familiar as headgears are the means of customizing a character as well as status symbols as there are some headgears that require very rare monster drops that can only be gained by defeating really powerful monsters that only spawn at given time intervals. The same is slightly true for Ragnarok Odyssey, some headgears require some hard to come by drops but since it’s a quest type game, you can keep on beating the crap out of the damn monsters to get the drop you need.

Outfits: Outfits can change your character’s outer appearance. Each job has a total of three outfits that are made available after finishing certain chapters. There are also some outfits that are unlocked that can be used by any job such as the kafra uniform and assassin outfits from Ragnarok Online. Of course, it is also possible to equip your, say, Sword Warrior with an outfit specifically for a mage or cleric. Again this will be made possible after finishing a certain portion of the story.

Naturally, once these outfits have been unlocked, you can now purchase them from the outfit store…as long as you have the necessary materials to craft them. Similar to headgears, you need specific items to make/craft outfits and sometimes, the required materials are ridiculous. Like for example, the kafra uniform, which is one of the last outfits that can be unlocked. To craft it, you need certain drops from the final boss..who is a pain in the ass. Of course, this is only true if you go in unprepared. But with the proper card combination, even the toughest of monsters can go down pretty easily. But then again, this will only be possible when you get some of the rarest cards..which, to say the least, is difficult to accomplish as drops are pretty random.

Each outfit will also have a certain card cost capacity, which can be expanded at the outfit shop, provided again, that you have the necessary materials. It’s a vicious cycle of grinding and hunting, rinse and repeat. But once you get that last material and craft that outfit that you wanted so badly, you can go say..”damn, is that armor? Why the hell is half your boob showing?”

Weapons: Much like any game, you can equip stronger weapons to enhance your character’s attack. Weapons can also provide additional enhancements to your character as most weapons come with skills that can increase strength, defense, or even add poison effect to your attacks. And like cards, some weapons come with negative effects that can decrease your character’s stats and weaken him/her.

Weapons can be bought or farmed from monsters as drops. The stronger the monster, or the higher the chapter you hunt in will result in better weapon drops. Of course, its not a guarantee that you will be able to get great weapons as they are dropped randomly, not to mention the skills that each weapon can have are also random. For the best weapons, I would suggest to go hunting instead of buying as the blacksmith’s weapon selection sucks.

Weapons can also be refined to increase their base damage. Each weapon can be refined up to +10 after which, further refinement will result in the weapon being turned into a card. Refining weapon, much like the outfits and headgears, will also require you to have the necessary materials to refine them. Weapons will also come in different colors. You’ll notice this in the items menu, most weapons have a brown background to their icons, while some will have silver and every one in a while, you’ll come across weapons with gold background. These differences in colored background translates to how much cost the weapon’s card will take if it is transformed into a card. For example, a normal weapon with an attack up lvl 2 will cost 4 card costs, a silver one will cost 3 while a gold weapon background will probably just cost 1 card cost. Naturally, it is desirable to convert weapons that have gold backgrounds into cards as they require less card costs. Of course, like the super rare cards, these gold colored weapons are hard to come by.


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I'm debating if I want to get this game or not. Part of me says wait for reviews from sites and fellow gamers, the other part of me says get it on launch day because of that spend $100 get $20 back on PSN. The day this game releases, is going to be the second last day of the deal.


Anyone know how this game reviewed in Japan?

Playstation All-Stars is one of the best games I've played this gen, and is the most fun I've had in a game this gen.

I don't see this being well received in the West but I'll picking up a copy regardless as I love co-op games.

Mythe said:

I'm debating if I want to get this game or not. Part of me says wait for reviews from sites and fellow gamers, the other part of me says get it on launch day because of that spend $100 get $20 back on PSN. The day this game releases, is going to be the second last day of the deal.


Anyone know how this game reviewed in Japan?

Famitsu gave it 9,8,8,7 - 32/40

Seems to be the Famitsu average these days.

added what little reviews i could find on the net. Will update the cards system later...probably

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Panama said:
I don't see this being well received in the West but I'll picking up a copy regardless as I love co-op games.

Neither do I, but its a good game. It can pass off as a hack and slash type game for people who enjoy hack and slash games, and will somewhat appeal to ragnarok online players...hopefuly.

I have mixed emotions on co-op. On one side its fun if everyone knows what their doing but most times, its everyone for him/herself

On my buy list when it releases later in year over here in Europe. Official Playstation Vita Thread! Come in and join!!!

I'm so buying it and I will play as a cleric. Anyone knows the size of the game? I'm probably going to buy it from PSN.

I want to play this game so much :(

Love the Ragnarok Universe.


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BasilZero said:
I want to play this game so much :(

Love the Ragnarok Universe.

Yes, with your Gundam Ragnarok video.