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Should Carl have killed the kid (Andy?) in the finale?

No, let him give up his weapon 23 53.49%
Yes, he would have hurt them 12 27.91%
No, he should've shot hi... 2 4.65%
No, let Andy take them ho... 5 11.63%

Return Date: October 14 2012

Since The Walking Dead is coming back very soon (tomorrow!) I figured someone should make an official thread where we can talk about it. In case you don't know what The Walking Dead is about I've got you covered! Just check out this link to its IMDB page right here.

Metacritic: 82

Any theories before it starts or is there something else you'd like to discuss?

If you find five surviving convicts in a prison what do you do with them?

Kill them 14 29.17%
Join the group 5 10.42%
Set them free 7 14.58%
Leave them be 11 22.92%
Do a little dance 11 22.92%
Total: 48

What should Rick have done with Merle?

Let him go 4 19.05%
Accepted him in the group 7 33.33%
Let Glenn kill him 4 19.05%
Cut off his other hand 3 14.29%
Pissed on him and then lit him on fire 3 14.29%
Total: 21


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can't wait for tomorrow! love the show!

    R.I.P Mr Iwata :'(

Hype hype hype!


I remember watching season 1, but i haven't got back into watching the show. Haven't watched season 2 and probably won't watch season 3.

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It's gonna be awesome. Having read the comics, I can tell you there's a lot to look forward to this season. The prison is a great setting and the governor is a really interesting character - speaking of the governor, I just bought the spinoff book "Rise of the Governor".

I CANNOT WAIT!! The hype is quite high!


I read some of the comics and gonna be exciting to see the Prison and the group encountering the governor.

I wonder how different it'll be from the comic series ;p

So much hype!


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Hype Hype Super Monkey Ball Banana Hype!!!