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I like the camera's,that's about it. Just more stuff,I can't afford to buy.

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I wish I had munnies to burn

4 ≈ One

The laptop/tablet thingy is gorgeous. Though I still wish they would bring back their P-series, those were absolute marvels of technolgy. A newer one with a new APU from AMD would be beastly.

Xperia is my phone of choice. I wonder which of those new models I can afford early next year? :@

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So sexy, got to collect them all. Now i just need to collect money. lol. Looks like i might get in to this windows 8 tablets after all. It seems like the perfect solution.

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Wish I could afford that headset. They've made it lighter and let you use any pair of headphones, basically addressing the only complaints about the first one. Apart from the price of course...*weep*

WOW! Now this is the Sony I like to see. All of these devices and machines appear to have bleeding edge technology in them. Or at least high quality stuff.

Y me no make mo muney? I need to get a new phone soon and Xperia is looking really nice. I really want a camcorder from Sony, but even if they announced a new model I'd be better off going with an older one, as long as it does HD. Still weary on Windows 8, but I haven't had a chance to use a tablet device. The HMZ-T2 is so intriguing and much cheaper than the 84X9005 Bravia, especially since you'd have to build an addition just to fit that thing in a house!

Before the PS3 everyone was nice to me :(

Sony always made quality...this is nothing new...but this stuff wont change anything cause i guess its again at least 200$ more than the same quality from Samsung, LG or Phillipps...

Shattered Sony didn't announce Xperia Play 2... T_T