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Which model 3DS do you currently have?

Original 31 36.05%
XL 34 39.53%
2DS 2 2.33%
Original & XL 8 9.30%
Original & 2DS 3 3.49%
XL & 2DS 0 0.00%
Screw making choices, I have all three! 3 3.49%
None =( 2 2.33%

With major new 3DS game release comes new thread revival!

In Pokemon X/Y, it's now important to have a wide variety of friends that play! In the Friend Safari (Safari Zone), "with each person, you get up to three Pokémon within each specific area, with more Pokémon appearing should the person actually be online and playing Pokémon X & Y at the time of entry."


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3DS FC# 4553-9947-9017 NNID: Bajablo

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3DS Friend Code: 4553 - 9954 - 4854. Name - David

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3DS Friend Code: 4553 - 9954 - 4854. Name - David

thetonestarr said:
spurgeonryan said:
I guess this is the Official thread? Google says the other one is locked.

0576 4303 8054

I already had a friend code for you. Should I delete the old one, or are both good now?

haha I have a third friend code for spurge in my 3DS. lol classic spurge :D

Updated OP for Bajablo and AlphaCielago.


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Glad to see this thread still alive. I'll sticky it as long as it stays relevant. ^_^

Also, my old 3DS died in a watery pit of death. *sniffle*

Smeags 2294 4255 5421

Dropped it in a puddle or the toilet?


Mine is 0404-6807-2847

Add meeee


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thetonestarr said:
Dropped it in a puddle or the toilet?

Dropped it in a lake while on a roller coaster.


Yeah... *laughs*

Add me, my Safari has tons of shinies I swear! ;)

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