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halil23 said:
wfz said:
halil23 said:

Calling me "touchy and blind"?!

Let me get this straight, a Nintendo boy defending another Nintendo boy calling me blind, you don't see the irony in this?! If not, you too are a sad fella.

At least I own Nintendo and Sony products and doesn't talk shits about either companies, unlike you guys...

Wow damn, you really proved my point. :P 

For the record, I'm not a Nintendo fanboy and actually do own all consoles and a gaming PC. Also, when did I "talk shit" about Sony...? Actually, don't answer that question, because you'll just be lying anyways.

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zippy said:
@ oniyide -yeah mate the Wii is lacking in several departments big time, and i have had lots of good debates and chats with people online with most making very valid points. I suppose my rant was directed to the fanboys who hide behind their keyboards and go on a trolling mission, for instance im not a big fan of microsoft, but i dont feel compelled to visit Xbox sites to offer nothing constructive and call their fans "retards" or whatever for no apparent reason. Ive got too much class for that :)

yeah, i feel ya

Are you serious? Fanboys are a very annoying "breed" of gamers, but they are needed. These fanboys are the gamers who (pretty much) buy anything said company releases. The industry needs them.