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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Fanboys Are Hurting This Industry More Than Anything Else

fanboy destroy some forums (they donÄt destroy them but they bring a lot of shit in them) but i don't really believe they have a real impact at the industry itself.

the funny part is, he sounds like a fanboy himself, maybe not a fanboy of a company but of some parts of gaming. as example how he is talking about wonderbook which will be great for some or kinect and move, many casual gamers (whatever that is) love that, my niece and nephew love kinect and the games for that and probably they would also love some wii or move stuff.

when we had the gamescom here in germany, you know what every tv station was showing? wonderbook! yes that's right, wonderbook was what most people outside of the internet forum world were interested in. i'm not saying it will sell very good but that was what got most attention here in germany, it was like a free million dollar campaign if you watched some station here at gamescom time.

not realizing that this can be much better for many than our halo or killzone games is not much better than saying one or the other console or "real" game suck.

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i dont care what a "fanboys" do did or doing. if there is game i like to play on ps3 i just buy it, Nintendo console or handheld is an exception for, because i love Zelda series. so why even bother? almost forgot, i had 360 1st model and it git broke after 1-2 months, so.... i had a little grudge on it.

Fanboyish behavior exist all the way up into top echelon of game devs. Like the guy who made Heavy Rain and the fired dev who bashed the Wii U and its version of Darksiders saying he's glad he didn't have to work on it. You have other situations of devs only releases on certain platforms out of fanboyish fervor.

Then there are fanboy reviewers who give bad reviews to good games which people read and decide not to buy.

It has more of an impact on the industry than most people are willing to admit.

I read up until the conversation between the unknown friend. Then I got bored and decided to masturbate. Not really a compelling read, to be honest.

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This website is filled with fanboys for one and yes it's annoying. This was poorly written though. You say everything from sony's conference was good but somehow it was bad? That makes no sense. Then you continue to rant for another hour to get your point across but you continue to only talk about Sony? Do you even play other consoles? As far as Super Smash Bros and Playstation Allstars goes it is a blatant ripoff just like move was to the wiimote. The thing about it is yes you have motion controls on the ps3 now but nobody cares because the lack of games. Motion controls dont work well with games. Playstation allstars as theyve shown so far looks pretty bad compared to Super Smash Bros so far so I do understand why people are complaining about it. The whole game is based off of supers which is dumb. They also dont have that many likeable characters so they're going with a lot of third party characters. Everybody copies each other to a degree though, but some things you've mentioned doesn't make any sense either. And in all defense Sony had the best conference out of the big 3 this year because all 3 kind of sucked.

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btw you are looking into this way to much btw. Theyre just annoying, nothing more. They will support there brand and buy whatever they throw out so that helps out the industry in a way. Just dont argue with someone who is.

While not the biggest issue or an easy one to fix it is very impactful. Consumer opinion can effect sales dramatically, it doesn't matter whether the information is true or not. People can be manipulated rather easily especially when promoting negatives about something since we are wired to accept news of something being bad or to stay away from rather than something good. It's a survival instinct. You are far more likely to remember or change your behavior if you are told something is bad or harmful. You can right it off as only mattering on the internet but that is not true since everyone on the internet is a real person and if anything the internet is a far more powerful tool of manipulation than we have ever had in human history. We have started wars through word of mouth and print, the internet is communication on crack. If I put forth a concentrated effort using some time and a bit of money I could negatively impact a product's sales.

This article might be hypocritical at the start but the rest of it has value. The hatred has caused two rough console launches already, 3DS and Vita, next could be the Wii U if its "opponents" drag it through the mud enough.

Before the PS3 everyone was nice to me :(

Fanboys can be ignored. Bad sales/marketing/economy don't.

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Alasttor said:
Wanna see some really pathetic Sony fanboys? Go to N4G and just read all the crazy comments they post. Very blind comments indeed.

Seriously?! Why mention specific fans... oh wait you're a Sony hater. >_> such a sad boy.

At bold part: And that your irony. :-/

Fanboys dont hurt the industry at all, corporations and their decisions affect the outcome of the sales and results (whether that is the decision on the development of a game, marketing, distribution, etc).

I'm pretty sure a huge majority of the people who purchased a Wii, Xbox360 and a PS3 dont even visit forums like this or look at the articles that would otherwise sway the decisions of people that are here.


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