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superchunk said:
BasilZero said:
superchunk said:
Emulators are not illegal... only the roms and those emulators do not provide roms.

The existence of emulators arent illegal but dont you think the distribution of emulators and making money off of the distribution is?

Quite a few people have backups of their actual games. Emulators are the only way to play those.

Personally, idc. They are only for consoles many generations dead and frankly, its robbery what console manufacturers sell those old games for digitally.

Yeah I dont care either, but its funny how some people are making a easy buck when you can get the same thing for free....XD


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Paid emulators are also legal. The console maker has numerous patents, but that won't cover something else that does the same thing (which the emulator is, seeing as it has no hardware not in the original phone). The NES is now even old enough that the patents would be expired, meaning anyone can copy it (even the original system) if they wanted to.

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Meh, copyrite laws shouldn't be lasting over 25 years anyways (True anything snes and up should be off the store).

Emulators don't only play roms of pirated videogames. A very large part of the emulation scene is also about using the old game engines to create mods and new games altogether; there are thousands upon thousands of legal user-created games out there.

As there's nothing illegal about emulators, there is obviously nothing illegal about selling your own program/app. Just because the app is capable of playing pirated tech doesn't mean that's necessarily what it was created for, and all the contents are legal. You can't make it illegal to sell one's own work.


Well google and apple should take them down.

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sethnintendo said:

I was wondering if anyone else noticed that Google doesn't give a shit that they have tons of free and paid emulators on their market.  This is obviously illegal and Google is making money off of the paid emulators.  Hell, there was even a SNES emulator in the top 50 paid apps when I checked earlier today.  Does anyone else care or think that Google should be sued over this?  I believe Nintendo and Sony should team up and sue the shit out of Google for providing illegal material to their consumers while collecting money off the paid emulator apps.

No, it's not.

Also, why would you want that?

Emulators are indeed legal, and there's plenty of other uses for it than just playing "commercial" games, as others mentioned before me. It also plays a very important role in the preservation of gaming's history, as evidenced by MAME's extraordinary efforts, for example. You certainly can't expect much in this area from publishers, either because of being organizations for profit, or because of having to deal with copyright limitations...

From what I know, the case of Bleem! vs Sony was decisive in this whole context:!

Now, how all this applies to app markets... I'm not sure. Most emulators are free, so if someone is using open source code for profit, that's not cool... I don't know what is exactly being sold here.

No if Nintendo etc want them taken down they just have to ask, things get taken down for copyright violation all the time. But it's up to the copyright holders to hunt the stuff down.

Besides there has been little success in suing people over emulators in the past, as a general rule emulators themselves are legal as long as they don't violate any copyright themselves. It's the ROMs which are illegal.

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Emulators are not illegal. Nor are ROMS. They are created as a convenience for the person who owns the actual hardware/software. People just misuse the technology.

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in a word, no no one should be sued for distributing an emulator.

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