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Interesting angle choice for the first picture.

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PC bullshots.


wow...looks really awesome...but the GTA IV screenshots looked awesome too and the game wasnt!

Day one buy just because they put jets on it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

spurgeonryan said:
I know it is going to be frowned upon, but I am going to be crashing my airliner into buildings.....

Also is that I hint at something in the license plate? Let us start the rumor here before Neogaf does.


converting the letters to the numbers from the alphabet we have

P is the 16th letter of the alphabet. M is the 13th

Therefore GTA5 will come out 6/16/13.

The 0 at the end is really a O. If you convert the 4's to where they are numerically, it spells Addo. That's the name of the main character.

So Addo will star in GTA5 coming out on 6/16/13.


On topic, I just want them to release this damn game already! It looks great so far.

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KylieDog said:
PC bullshots.

Doubtful, since it's only 720p and you can see the jaggies + very low anisotropic filtering.

OT: Sexy looking car and jet. Also:

TT Makaveli said:

wow...looks really awesome...but the GTA IV screenshots looked awesome too and the game wasnt!



All hail the KING, Andrespetmonkey

KylieDog said:
PC bullshots.

Get a really powerful computer!

But anyway, I really like the look of these screens, but the more exciting thing is that more shots are coming (probably 3 by looking at the official webiste, there are 3 black slots for screens...) AND hopefully this is the build up to the marketing campaign which might mean a release this year and at the very least a new trailer before too long

I still need to finish GTAIV l0l

Glad planes have returned, they've had a good reason on not to include them in the last game.

I'm more than likely gonna get GTAV for the PC this time instead of my PS3.


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Well, shit, it's going to be in southern California.

Didn't see that coming.