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Sony wins.

Only decent things at Ubisoft were Watch Dogs (thunder somewhat stolen by admitting it was PC footage), FarCry and AC3. Everything else was awful.

Sony had Farcry and AC3, they also had load sof other great showings, only bad thing was wonderbook.


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CGI-Quality said:
F0X said:
Ubisoft wins because they basically bailed out Sony and Nintendo.

Bailed out Nintendo - sure, but how Sony? 

I wouldn't so much as say they bailed Sony out. Sony did a decent job, but Ubisoft did keep the middle of the conference from being a bit of a snorefest. Far Cry 3, Assassin's Creed 3's naval combat, and Assassin's Creed 3 Liberation were all big deals for me. Doesn't mean I'm super hyped for Far Cry 3, but it went from a game that I have absolutely no interest in to a game that I will likely buy at some point. Liberation was big because it introduced an awesome bundle and the first female assassin. Assassin's creed 3 was huge because I want to shoot other boats from my boat...okay so that is a cheesy excuse but it's my excuse nonetheless.

I starting to hope that Ubisoft releases a console.

I wonder how many people will boycott it?

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Mr Khan said:
kain_kusanagi said:
Of the big three these are my scores.

MS 7/10
Sony 7/10
Nintendo 5/10

Keep in mind that I use the whole grading scale so a 5 would be an average not bad not great type of score.

I was expecting the most from Nintendo because with a new console should come the biggest surprises. We didn't get a new Metroid, Zelda, or a new main Mario. It was all spin off Mario and 3rd Party stuff. Most of the 3rd party games are ports, which while good to know are coming aren't exactly going to set the stage on fire. Maybe if I was a Pikmen fan I'd be more excited, but since I'm not Nintendo gets a 5/10.

MS and Sony had the same pluses and minuses. They both showed some killer games, they both showed stuff hardcore gamers don't care about, and they both showed too much 3rd party stuff. Neither announced any truly surprising, but what they showed for games does look very good.

So of the top two of the big three it comes down to personal taste. If you like Sony games you are going to think Sony "won" E3. If you like Xbox games then you are going to argue MS "won" E3. Since I'm a huge Halo fan and Halo 4 looks to be the best in the spectacular Halo series, I'm going to say that Halo won E3.

You're going to catch hell for calling 2d mario non-main. Not from me, necessarily

Well, by "main Mario" I mean the big AAA Mario games that take as much resources to produce as other AAA games like Halo or Uncharted. I actualy love 2D Mario games. I just would have liked to see a successor to Mario Galaxy rather than what amounts to more NSMB levels with a few added power ups.

Not quite sure what you're asking here.

Who had the best conference? Ubisoft, even though I really didn't care for the hosts. They showed off great games, had a few big announcements, and generally stole the show.

Who is currently winning E3? That's a different matter. I generally like to think that it's the gamers who truly win E3, but so far that isn't the case this year. It certainly isn't the case for Wii and Vita gamers. The current winner of E3 is disappointing, because they didn't show off a single game. They didn't even have to show up to win. They're getting software support from Microsoft, Sony, AND Nintendo. The true winners are the mobile platform providers. Apple. Google. Technically Microsoft could be included, but let's face it: they're not exactly sweeping the competition in the mobile department, which is why their service will run on all mobile devices, not just their own.

Since that answer feels like cheating, I believe that of the big three, Sony is currently having the best E3. I believe that Nintendo has presented better material, but that expectations were (rightly) higher for Nintendo than for Sony, and Nintendo has failed to meet those expectations.

However, E3 is far from over. If Nintendo has a couple of nice announcements planned for their software conference tomorrow, they could quickly steal the show back. Sony has made it easy for them by effectively ignoring the Vita.

However, if any individual console is currently "winning" E3, it's the PS3, and that's unlikely to change no matter what Nintendo announces for 3DS tomorrow. Only an unfathomably unlikely surprise last-minute megaton announcement could upset the PS3's position.

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So I just showed all of the big 3 conferences to my college friends and all of them like video games but don't keep up with the news so they didn't know any info on the presented games or cared about exclusivity.I skiped all the crap talk in-between the demos and trailers. I then asked them what was their favorite game they saw, least favorite game, and who had the best conference:

Friend #1: (favorite) Pikmin 3, (Worst) Pottermore, (Best) Nintendo

Friend #2: ZombiU, Pottermore, Nintendo

Friend #3: Just Dance 4, Black Ops 2, Nintendo

Me: Pikmin 3, Pottermore, Nintendo

They really liked the trailers and demos in the MS press conference and thought the South Park game and Halo were the best from them. They liked Tomb Raider. Thought Usher was weird to have at E3. Thought Wreckateer was stupid fun clone of "Crush the Castle"( I thought it was angry birds.) Did not care for sports games or smartglass. Felt that Beyond and the last of us were boring since all they do was admire the graphics for a couple minutes but got interest when something happened. Said they should be movies instead of games. Hatted Pottermore but made them watch it. They saw Sony Smash as a Smash Clone (in a bad way.) We saw less than 2 minutes of GoWA and then tey told me that its the same game and told me to go to the next one (I showed them the elephant labotamy and they were grossed out and now I think they like the game even less. Friend #3 said "that poor elephant.") They all liked Pikmin 3 a lot. Thought Batman was kind of cool. Both Loved and thought was stupid to NSMBU. They all liked scribblenauts unlimited. Only Friend #3 didn't like ZombiU. Only Friend #3 loved Just Dance 4. They didn't know what to think about Nintendoland. They all agreed that Nintendo was the best.

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So, to sum it all up: is any company winning or are there just some companies that are losing less than the others?

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-by the way, after talking to several people, I think Nintendo did much better with the casual gaming crowd then I originally thought. By casual gamers I'm not talking about grandmas or people playing dancing and fitness games, by the way, I'm talking about the sort of people that buy 3-4 games on average for thier Xbox a year, probably a COD or Madden, but don't regularly follow gaming news. Maybe I should just start calling these folks casual core, lol.